Monday, October 01, 2007

welcome back to work.

Good October to ya! hope that everyone had a good weekend. the Kattau's did. Friday night my parents took the girls so Elizabeth and i went on a date and, get this, ate a meal at the SAME TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know. we live it up. we went to Hollihans in Mishawaka. it was lovely even though Elizabeth was annoyed by me sitting next to her and not across from her. she worked through it. when we got done, we debated a movie, we called my buddy Bronson to see if he and his fiancee wanted to join us for anything, ice cream or a movie. but they are losers and didn't join us. so, we were feeling fat from Hollihan's so we went to Babies-R-Us (oh yeah WE'RE LIVIN' NOW!) and then to good old Target. Whilst (new word) at Target, i picked up the new Pearl Jam DVD Immagine in Cornice. Very good. it is a cool mix of documentary and concert footage. it is directed by Danny Clinch. he is a guy who's name has just started appearing everywhere. the Foo Fighters acoustic DVD. he even plays harmonica on one of the songs. Now i see him on the DVD for Pearl Jam. what could go wrong. the DVD has a nice mix of songs. some of my fav's are Evenflow, Alive, Come Back and the always popular Yellow Ledbetter. delightful. i need to get a REAL home theater to enjoy these morsals of goodness, but alas, another day, another pay check. well i will say that my mystery news is no longer. had a thing. fell through. no biggie. NEXT TOPIC. yesterday we dumped Marley off at my parents again and E. and i took Layla with E's sister and her family to the Apple Orchard / Pumpkin Patch to pick out pumpkins. everyone had fun. Layla picked out her own pumpkin. well, i think that concludes the weekend. tongith i have to call to see if i have Jury Duty tomorrow or not. if i do, this will be my second time. i did serve my first time, it was for Federal Court in South Bend. it was interesting to see how retarded our court system is. well i think thats it for now. Oh, by the way, Georgia won again. 4-1. ranked 12th. go Dawg's. Also, everyone has to feel bad for Marley today. she had shots. 3 of them. poor kid. i will get some new pics up soon.

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