Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ahhh. new Foo. Refreshing

You need to make a purchase., You need Foo. Foo is a good thing. Slow internet connections are not. Today, i have said slow internet connection. But, i also have new Foo. That makes me happy. So, buy it. it will be the best decision you made today. That's about all i have to say about that.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Just a post to post with

Hey all. just wanted to say that Georgia won again in a thriller in overtime against Alabama. thanks for the prayers. they are ranked 15th now. i have some huge things working, but they remain hush right now. i will let you know something soon. probably. who knows. maybe i got nothing.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Okay, real post this time. Bands, what a pain!!!!!

First off, non band related, i do need to remind everyone that the Bulldogs have a big game coming up. the No. 22 Dawgs are playing the No. 16 Crimson Tide of 'Bama. lets all take a moment to pray for victory against these horrible people. Thank you.

Now, on to my real issue. why is it so stinking tricky to get a band together that works. i have realized that i have been in bands now for 11 years. now, to say that these were up and functioning, gigging bands, NO. however, i have been involved in very good professional PRACTICING bands for 11 years. My most successful band was the joint venture of myself and Jeff Kamp. we brought in our long lost friend Brad Olson, to on the spot learn bass. when it all started, i was the lead singer also. we later added another friend Ryan Hall. we played out one time at our friend (do you see a pattern here) Joe Wagoner's bus barn. this was (at the time) considered a huge thing by our standards. we might have had 20 people there. including 2 future members of the band. Ryan left us and we started rocking with a friend of a friend named Brandon.

By this time we had grown out of my parents basement and moved to Jeff's parents often flooded basement. Brandon moved on after sitting in at one gig even though he was already one foot out the door in Bristol. Brandond brought a freedom to the band. not quite so stiff like in our playing. things got a little looser. He left permanatly because of his parents family business needing him and we somehow met another guy (and i have no idea how) named Tom, who kind of altered the way we rocked again. Brad had left a while before that so we were lacking in the members category badly. we needed anyone. Tom made us a mutch more steady rocking band. by now we had started practicing at KampCo Steel Products (they are your supplier, not your competitor) so as we were starting to make headway with Tom, he up and split for another band. that one hurt. he left us fairly quickly but i thought that he was going to be big part of us. oh well. the only problem we had now was no bass player and no singer.

well Jeff and Rob worked it out and Rob joined us 30 days before we played our first house party. things went great and we rocked together for quite a while with Jesse at the helm singing for us. things worked and we played a good amount of gigs. Harrison Landing probably 8 times, Daisey Mea's 3 times, Gubi's, Big Daddy's, the Road Runner and multiple sit in's with the Groovy Goulies at Mr. G's, Sports Page and Hacienda. Our final outting was at Maple City bowl, which was probably the most fun i ever had at a gig.
After Layla was born i didn't do much and then through Doug Lim, i was introduced to the last round of bands. i think that i have been blogging enough that you all know how well that has gone. We did open for Blammo at Gubi's and then fired the singer and that ended up killing the whole band.
NOW, here is where i am at. Why is it that you can't just get a couple guy's together, say "hey man" (you have to say things like this to be cool) "lets just be serious about this and play in a band. i'm not expecting to move to LA or anything, i just want t play in a band that every now and then can make a little coin. i can do whatever. Jazz, Blues, Rock, Country (please don't be country) but lets just cut the crap and play.
At this point, i am still looking for that. applicants please apply below.

Pleased to announce....

July 30, 2007 Gretsch Welcomes Taylor Hawkins Gretsch is proud to welcome Taylor Hawkins to the roster! For more information on Taylor and the Foo Fighters, please go to

i know this is life changing. man i am happy. and you would think, hey who gives a rip. some doppy drummer plays some stinkin drums. big whoop. well, this is the dumbest thing that has ever brightened my day. my favorite drummer, my favorite drums. hand in hand. dreamy. i realize that i am risking losing subscribers because of this crappy blog entry, but it is a risk i am willing to take. i need to go take a cold shower. BRB
By the way, this is a high school picture of him. i don't know why i posted it, it just was the first pic i found when i googled his name and so reap the benifits of my Googling. i will have a better entry later. sorry again. i am a stalker.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Running and Rocking

i have good news. LED ZEPPELIN IS GETTING BACK TOGETHER!!!!! (for one show). i find this to be just delightful news. i do wish that they wouldn't have chosen Jason Bonham to do the drumming. Instead i wish they woyuld have gone with Zac Starkey. both guys have famous dads.Jason is the son of Drum God John "Bonzo" Bonham. Jason made a name for himself by using, well, his name. He understands, like all drummers, that his dad was the king of Rock and Roll drumming. not to say that hJason can't do just fine for himself, i just think more of Zac Starkey because he didn't advertise it. Zac is the son of Richard Starkey Jr., aka Ringo Starr. now i enjoy the Beatles. i worship Led Zeppelin. Love John, don't really care for Jason. Dispise Ringo, really impressed by Zac. see what i did there? went the opposite way you would think i would go. Zac has been playing with the Who, taking over Keith Moon's chair after he died and a handful of others didn't make the cut. he seems to understand how to play the song that the original member played, but make it his own more modern interpretation, yet keep the form. i know it sounds dumb, but you'll just have to trust me. Jason just seems to bash through everything. well i think that is about all i have to say about that.

Now, running. last night i went out again. i think that just buying shoes that i don't have in my hands yet has sparked me to get out again. i went 2.3 miles last night doing a 3 minute walk and a 4 minute run back and forth. one thing that i have noticed and wanted to do at the same time is pick up my pace. i was really jogging when i had been out my previous months before Marley. i had been hoping not to be quite so slow and the last 2 nights that i had been out, i have been happy with my pace. after 2.3 miles, 26.2 seems like, well, a lot. and yet, i look forward to it. i also look forward to my shoes arriving. finally Dick's Sporting Goods has posted that they are shipped out. i hope to have them for the weekend. we'll see how it goes. Now these are the not the shoes that i ordered, but i must say that i have a fasination with hideous looking shoes. should i have been so lucky to locate these monsters. maybe next time.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11.

this is my generations JFK or Pearl Harbor. so i am curious...where were you? what were you doing? I had just been handed my 3 day suspension from Hi-Tech Housing. to this day, i don't think that i ever told my parents about that. Eventually it made me decide to leave there and end up here at Kropf. i had writtten something on a print. nothing naughty just a joke and the Print Checker and my Engineering Manager told me to leave it because it was funny so i did. we assumed that the salesman would see it. well.....he never looked at the print and it got to the dealer and luckly he caught it. i was the only one that got in any trouble and there was a lot of drama about it. Either way, i got to sit home for 3 days and watch the news. i will always remember it happening.

Monday, September 10, 2007

I ran tonight

holy crap, i feel like Britney Spears looked. i think that i made it to the mailbox and i almost passed out. i celebrated with a mug of ice cream. yeah for me!!!!! good night.

Happy Monday!

good day. hope everyone had a pleasant weekend. let's get started. the Bulldog's of Georgia were defeated by the Cock's of South Carolina. Tragic. the game was a little flat looking. a couple big plays but other than a great 50 yard run by the freshmen wonder, nada! so, that was sad. last night was the MTV VMA's. now i havn't watched these in the last couple years. i can't say that even as a seasoned rocker, i even watch MTV anymore because no, i don't want to watch the Hills, or Real World 734 Middlebury, IN or Pimp by Bike or Making the Band 47. i knew the the Foo's were going to be on and if Elizabeth wouldn't have had it on, i never would have thought of it. however, there it was. a couple note. Kudo's to Justin Timberlake to "challenge MTV to play more video's". enough said. Kanye West, don't cry because you didn't win anything again this year (i guess he was shutout last year also) in a world with thousands of crappy bands, there are thosands that are really good. you may be great, but there is apparently someone greater. i bet your mother plays all your records. isn't family more important than your work. Rihanna, i like your little "umbrella" song. sure i feel weird saying it outloud, but so be it. daddy like. next, Britney, wow, sorry. that was bad. it appeared to be a sweatin' to the oldie's work out video. not pretty. at all. seriously. add a caption to that picture i put up and have her screaming "AHHHH! MY KNEE!!!" it makes it a lot funnier. but anyways, it was bad. wow, sorry. wow. witch is a direct link to next being Sarah Silverman, you are terrible. in a wow, you are as bad as Britney was but all you had to do was talk. this is MTV, not Disney, but have some class. there are plenty of kids that watch this. to crude for regular old cable. ohward...Tommy Lee and Kid Rock, your funny. Kid Rock you actually have talent, do something with it. Tommy Lee, well, umm... next! all the little sub parties, that is very odd. so you pay money to go to the VMA's, and you don't see a live band (sure there was a DJ and 2 or 3 live songs, but come on) the Foo's didn't play at the big show, they had a little sub party. the one good thing of said "subparty" is that today, you could watch the whole show they did. fairly cool. next topic, September 25. clear your calendars. NEW PEARL JAM DVD AND NEW FOO FIGHTERS CD. can you ask for anything more (do not say Toyota) next, i purchased new running shoe's today. grand total, 79.98, and i had a gift card from last X-mas from work with 80.29 still on it. yaaaa whoooo! it NEVER work's out that well. big day for me. New Asics Nimbus VIII. now, i need to start running again. after Marley was born, i didn't do anything and now it has been what seems like forever. Next September Roger and Rick (2 guy's i work with) are wanting the 3 of us to do a marathon together. i think that it would be so cool to do and to know others going is probably the only way i could do it. so, in conclusion, Georgia losing, bad. MTV, terrible, Pearl Jam and Foo, great, running, soon. oh and by the way, i really should talk more about them, the family is great. Marley is growing like it is going out of style. i think that the thing that i like the most is how much Layla loves her little sister and how Marley just watches her. she is smiles all the time and really a very good baby. Elizabeth is good too, she is back to work which is really like she never left, just a couple new faces.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

incase i forgot to mention....

The Bulldogs of the University of Georgia were victorious against the Cowboys of OK State. 35-14. it was good to see the team looking fairly together. 1-0 and we moved up 2 spots on the ranking to #11. Next week, on the road against South Carolina. should be a tougher game. GO DAWGS!!!!!

Did i mention this was a defensive play that we are tackling the white team. HE PUT SOME STANK ON THAT ONE!!!!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

After a nice long weekend, hello

Hello all. hope everyone had a great long vacation / weekend. once again want to state how jealous i am of Stacy's worldly following. if you havn't click on my sitemeter and see where my people are coming from. thwn click on hers. INSANE. oh to have such the fan base. we know it's not all family cause they are all amish. she even has an electric cripple and she is globally great. you keep going with your bad self. i need more global topics. speaking of, this is a picture of Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters. Globally, great band. this is actually an old pic from when he and Dave Grohl were on the Craig Kilborn Show. Craig Kilborn, globally great. it is a shame that he left. i don't like his replacement. i really don't like Conan O'Brian. Letterman is globally great. other news, i feel that the tendonitis is slowly creeping back into my wrist. last time the tedonitis hampered me it was resolved by a wicked good dose of Cortizone. that was in mid June (thank you to blogger for being my diary so i can tell the global public when my wrist was ouchy) i know that the next option is probably another shot unless he feels this is long term problem again and i might as well get the surgery but i will ice this and do the brace again on my own and that might help slow it down. that was a big help last time. on the drums front, i reheaded my Gretsch (thats not dirty if your wondering) i have been looking at my snare collection noticing that i wish i had a great metal snare. i have a couple snares that i would love to trade in on one good snare, but as with most things (and what my dad does and it drives me crazy, i have to look around for 6 years and then do something) so i will probably end up doing nothing soon. it would be easier to do somethin if i was playing out. hopefully the Jazz thing will get together soon. it would be small commitment and low in the line of gigs but at least i would be doing something. i think that the gig's would be more weekdays than ends. more global topics, i am getting excited about my Vegas trip with Jeff again in January. this will be his 10th trip and my second. i have no real gambling fetishes, but the town is so neat to see. they live in a totally different style. nothing can be compared to our living style. here at 4 am, it feels like........4 am. in Vegas, at 4 am you are wondering when lunch is. i look forward to taking Elizabeth some time. for some reason i would like to say that i hope that Owen Wilson gets healthy. not just due to his global greatness and fine acting skills. Yes Wedding Crashers is a wonderful movie. i can not dispute this. he just seems like one of those cool guys that would be fun to hang out with. i'm sure he will be calling anytime now. that was nice of me to say. i think that globally, people will see how nice i am. well, off for now to get the girlies. bye all.