Thursday, October 04, 2007

My day in court

well, not really. i am tardy in my report of jury duty yet still wanted to share my uneventful day with the world. it started with a call on Monday night to see if i had to report for jury duty. indeed i did. So i had the liberty of sleeping in an extra dreamy 30 minutes (but the girls got up so i don't think that i really got much extra). i was able to take the girls to Grandma Peg's for her to watch them the rest of the day. the Jury Duty report said that you should bring magazines and snacks because NOTHING would be provided. ahh. tax dollars at work. so i arrive at the parking lot and walk completely around this building. the main doors, well they had arrows pointing to the next group of doors. get to those doors, more arrows. Now i'm not going to bore anyone with how many sets of arrows there were but to make a good story, i will say 37 (probably 4) BUT i ended up right next to my parking lot if i wouldn't have followed the pack and just gone the other way. no no, instead we looked like a herd of cattle. mind you i grabbed 2 magazines, my paperwork, i large Fuji water a granola bar and a bag of trail mix. you would think that i was going to be gone for a while. nope, just didn't want to go on a hunger strike (song reference to Temple of the Dog)

so as i am walking a fumbling all thses things, i start chatting with this guy. we finally get around to the metal detector/check in/disrobing area and i start putting all my things down. walk through.... i made it (mental "YES" goes off in my head) same time a BEEEEEEP goes off. i turn around and no one is there. what the!?!?!?! i look at the guy, he says, "huh, well you can try again" like if i didn't want to i could stroll on in, so i back up and go again. this time the BEEEEEEEP is very prompt. BLAST! so i back up, remove my fine Levi belt and mosey through unalarmingly. now as i am tring to get out of the way / collect my things / dress again and keep up with this guy (don't ask why, i just had already talked to him and i didn't have to go meet someone else. he seemed normal, just work with me) so i felt like i was kicking things into the elevator and when it opened, i had this image of me just chucking everything into the back of the elevator and doing this dramatic leap into the box while falling to the ground as is i could barely make it in the nick of time, while taking this hard fall and then waiting another 58 long drawn out seconds before the doors close. so now i have this little giggle in my head. pleased to anounce that i was able to control it and not burst out into laughter that no one would understand.

so all put together now i get upstairs, follow the herd into another room and begin standing in line. i redress. i situate. i am now comfy again, just holding to much crap. debate just doing a 37 second pig out to rid myself of all this extra clutter, but i restrain. so the guy that i am now stalking starts talking to one of the ladies that is checking people in she tells him just to go on in. well crap lady, you just took my lab partner. so i stand in line oh so lonley. sitting, waiting, wishing (again, song reference) finally she gets to me and asks me my mileage. 3 miles round trip, i concur. she tells me to go on in so i instantly hunt this strange man that i feel so comfortable with out. not a big task, but i must admit, i did it. you will be pleased to know that i did give us the "ONE CHAIR BUFFER" so we don't talk, i just sit there trying to figure out where i can stick all this crap. i hold it.

finally about 75 people are in this room. now this is the second time i have been on jury duty. the first was for federal court and i got to serve on the jury so i am liking my chances. yes, thats right, i kind of WANT to do this. soooo, as this lady tells us all about the crap that we are about to sit through she says "Every one on this side of the room is here for Court Room 2 and this side is for Court Room 1, right?" so i glance at my paper work. guess which dope is on the wrong side of the room. THIS GUY!!!! i am pleased to announce that i wasn't alone. sure it was only about 4 of us but this was not my fault. so i gather my 30 pounds of crap and get to the other side. now you realize that i am leaving my long lost companion at the other side of the room. He will be missed. i head over to the front row of the other side of the room and sit between a man and a woman that i get my ONE SEAT BUFFER on either side. whew!

turns out that this is the woman that fitted me for many a tux at Gentleman's Den. Her name was Kim. we talked about a couple of the weddings she did for us. she was very nice. i drank some water. so one of the ladies came in and took out the people that were heading into Court room 2.

so peopel there for Court Room 1 wait. and wait. and wait. i eat my granola. delightful. and we wait. finally this well dressed man come into the room holding his robe. he declares himself "the Judge" he tells us that we were going to be involved in a 6 man jury for a case against a man for a count of Strangulation. NOW THAT IS JUICY!!!!! well at the last minute the convict, i mean defendant, pled guilty and so the trial was off. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!!! so they had a rape case that would have required a 12 man jury but the attorney's weren't ready so after 3 hours af waiting, we got to go home.

All in all it was a fairly uneventful morning. i went home, enjoyed a lunch of leisure and then like a good company man, still went to work. so thats for reading this. is was long and windy with no real great story, but that is how the day was. Have a good one of your own.


Craig said...

You mean to tell me that I sat and read this whole thing, get to the end, and nothing exciting? "Long story short"... That's it, I'm pissed!

You know I luv u!

Stacy said...

LOL! I just saw that our wine blog is labelled 'friends with the drinking problem'. LOVE IT!