Monday, January 30, 2006

So i know that one person is reading this. Wonderful. Great. Super. The masses will soon follow. Here is today's wisdom. It goes like this... on day's that you are busy, it is amazing how much useless stuff you can get done. FOR INSTANCE: Research up and coming bands, check out the latest happenings in the auto industry and for the most part, heavy duty drum investigations for some of the most amazing drums that i can only imagine playing, on stage, with a band, in front of people, who want to be there, because they love my music, and, of course, find me sexy. Any who, on busy days, i do not get to do these fine activities. This, is one of those days. Please check again tomorrow

Monday, January 16, 2006

And so here we are in the beginning

This is all new to me. Not normally a big writer. I see this is thee thing to be doing and since the out come is not as wicked as jumping off a bridge after someone, i figure hey... why not. At this point i really don't have much more to say so i suppose that i will call it a day and try and figure out what else i can fiddle with on this here bloggy thing. In the word's of Jack Black in "The School of Rock".....LET'S GET ROCKIN'!