Thursday, August 14, 2008 has been a REALLY long time since i've posted!!!

...and yet, i don't have much to say. hmmm. well i guess the big thing that i have coming up is the Human Race 10k in Chicago. Pretty excited about it really. They have a realy cool video. still can't quite tell if this is the first year. i keep seeing stuff saying that it is but the video looks as if it isn't. Not that it matters. 6.2 miles in Chicago is pretty cool either way.

I did finally get the John Mayer DVD. Very Good. okay, thats covered. next topic...

Georgia football is getting close. Most polls have them in that horrible #1 position. your pretty much doomed to start #1. thats okay. should be a good year.

The new house is going well. Mom has painted like crazy and we are getting settled in well.
i think thats all i have in me today. Later all