Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I am alive, the doctor tells me so

So the yearly office visits from the doctor came in today and did the 'ole checkup. Had no idea what to expect due to current events but i was wanting one anyways. i got a flu shot. For some reason my are is sore as all get out. thats okay. it will pass. stepped on the scale. 210.2 fully clothed with shoes (keep in mind i wear a size 15, thats like 13 pounds on its own) (and last night Jeff and I split a Barnaby's pizza and pitcher of beer)(man it was good) so at 210.2 i was actually pleased with that. last year i tipped the scale at....wait for it....231!!!! i am an amazing specimine. so most stats are a good improvement.

I will break down the numbers this way

Item / what it should be / 2008 / today

TOTAL CHOLESTEROL /<200 / 161 / 150...good
HDL (GOOD) CHOLESTEROL />40 / 28 / 29..hmmmm, better!
LDL (BAD) CHOLESTEROL / <130 / 117 / 111...nice
TRIGLYCERIDES / <150 / 81 / <50..amazing
RATIO /<4.1 / 5.8 / 5.1..much better
GLUCOSE (SUGAR) / <110 / 102 / 97....wonderful
BLOOD PRESSURE / 120/80 OR LESS / 112/64 / 140/80..current events
BODY MASS INDEX /18.5-24.9 / 28.6 / 26.3..good
BODY FAT / 20% OR LESS / 22% / 19.1%...jackpot!

She told me to excersise more. i let her know that i have run 2 half marathons, and 4 other road races since i saw her last. i asked about Fish Oil because she did say something about that last year. she reminded me what it was..."Take it!" oh yeahhhhh. that will help the good cholesterol and get the ratio back. i told her i did....then stopped. so i walked into my office, pulled the bottle from behind a picture frame and popped a couple. so considering everything...doin' good....in the health dept. see ya next year!