Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Here we go again...

Hello to all my fans. i hope things are well. I am reporting on the latest news and developments in my surrounding area. Just so everyone knows, yes we fired the singer. Goodnight Milwaukee!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Hello again...hello (sing it)

Good morning. it has been a little while since my last post and we have some things to report. First off... the baby. we were to be doing the C-section on May 21 only to find out that the doctor is out of town that day so it has been pushed back to May 22, which is also my nephew Evan's birthday.

Second, my new band 4play is opening for Blammo this Saturday at Gubi's! i am so excited to be back out on the "curcuit", if i may call it that. this is the only thing that is scheduled at this point but with the kid coming, i think that will do it for a little while.

Third, i took my snare to Doug for a fine tuning and review. Doug was very impressed and deemed it a $500 snare. he seemed very impressed and gave me some ideas that he thought would only improve it with head changes. it was nice to have someone else play it (that is a drummer) and be able to hear it from out front. it really shocked me how good it sounded. it instatly became the best snare that i own. the heads that he recommended i change to are the same heads that i have on Peanut Butter. as Doug was talking about the finish he said that it looked like a roll of Pennies so it has been named "Penny" for that reason.
Next, the invites are aired out today for Rob's bachelor party. they went out via e-amil for the May 12th Robapalooza. the Rob Lastinger Freedom Festival, good times to be had. the wedding is the 2nd of June which brings me to my next perk....
June 2nd Rob and i are going to run in the Sunburst Festival in a 5k that ends in Notre Dame Stadium. then we will go get him hitched. this is going to be done with my friend / vendor Jon Helmuth from Genesis Products. We are dressing up so we will have to get our thoughts together for what we will be dressing as. this is going to rock.
Till next time.....B.

Monday, April 02, 2007

The weekend...

Well, to start off, i feel like poo. i am a winey sick man. anywho... E. had to work Saturday and mom and dad took Layla so i ran over to Doug's. this always ends good. so i get there. we dial in a variation of his Gretsch's. the normal 20x20 kick and then the 8", 10" and 12" toms. yes... a 12" as a floor but it is hanging. it was great sounding. we messed around and he listened to a CD that i brought him, the John Mayer Trio. he liked it so much, he had to stop listening. yep. it's that good. then as we are talking and i was getting a couple small parts, snare wire strings, etc. i notice a couple shells that i was asking about. i saw one shell that just looked cool. yes. the shell came home with me as mine. to the best of my research, it is a 1956-1959 Slingerland Concert Hall snare. 8x15! the finish is a unbelievable Gold Sparkle. the real glass type. it is a powerful finish. this snare needs love. one of the reinforcement hoops is loose so i need to glue and clamp that. it has 8 lugs so i need another 8. i already have a 15" hoop so i do need to get a 15" snare hoops. Doug still wanted the strainer and butt plate. they were pretty rusty so i figured i would fix them up for him since he is always so good to me. the shell is a beautiful mahogany. it woul dbe a fairly cheap snare to get up and running. it has such a nice finish that if i never did anything, it will be a wall piece. i will get picks up ASAP. This is what it would look like aside from color and depth. add another 1.5" in between lugs and think gold sparkle.

I had band practice Sunday, and that went great. we are to hear this week about opening for Blammo at Gubi's on the 21st of April. man i hope we get to. we get really rocking. we get really loud to. i thought that Blank Slate got loud. this is a loud band. well, until next time. ohhhhh!!!!!!
Wet sanding....i did. and did. and did. then i was tired so i stopped. it looks really good. it needs more but with this cold rocking my world, the fumes won. i will get to it. i don't have practice again until the 9th so i would like to have it done by then. Now...later!