Monday, November 27, 2006

Well....what's new.........

Nothing wild and crazy. I have band practice tonight with the new band, now known as "Liquid Reason". My second band practices Saturday and plays Sunday. It seems like i have had very little going on and now all of a sudden i am in all three bands (Granger is the third) doing something now till early January and then leave for Vegas mid January. Not much to report, just thought that i would get the blog out there. later...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

well, i am becoming a vintage guy. i shouldn't be but man it is so cool. the kit that i am playing on of Doug's, i amde the mistake of asking what he wants for it.....he said if he were to sell it, it would go for $1100. HOLY #$*% He said that for me he would do $500. So then i get thinking that everything that i have is crapola, so i remember that i was given a special edition car amp that is about the size of a surfboard that i cleaned up and will probably never use. i have seen these things go for huge money so i might put it up on eBay and buy myself a little piece of Americana. Just getting into this vintage thing, the only other old drum that i have is a 1960-1963 Ludwig 14x10 snare. i bought it too from Doug. It is nicknamed "Stinky" because when i opened it up, well, it stunk (good story, huh). When i got it i tore it apart cleaned it and reassembled it. i played it out one time, and it was okay but i never really dialed it in quite right, wrong heads, blah blah blah. So now getting all hot and heavy into vintage so i again have torn it apart. I brought in the strainer which is an original P-85 and i have straightened it, which worked quite well I might add, and torn apart the lugs last night so i can clean them out and pull all the junk out of the backing springs. i will do a little interior patch work and sanding. the bearing edges are pretty rounded but i thikn that i will leave them anyways. it is really faded so it isn't like there is a lot of value her. more just an entertainment of a goofy snare. well, thats life. B.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Practice number 1 with new band.........

it went well. this band i think has a great future. it is a 5 piece. me, drumming, Brian is the bass player, Shawn is the guitar player, Eric the vocals and the newest addition is Roy the keyboard. Roy right now is the weakest link and he really didn't seem to have a great idea of what we were playing and how they go but Shawn is a good teacher and Roy seemed to understand him so we will keep our fingers crossed. we got through the first 8 of the ten we had hoped for and i think that we will push into the next 10 next week. Last night we worked on....

Sweet Home Alabama
Are You Gonna be my Girl
Hard to Handle
7 Army Nation
Brown Eyed Girl
Play the Funky Music
Harder to Breathe

And what we didn't get too....

I want you to Want me
Beverly Hills
Rebel Yell

We have started working on Band names, but the only thing that i have heard was "Paper Taxi" and i heard crickets after that. i doubt that will be the final name. Hell, the bass player said it, who listens to the bass player. The kit picture is not a kit that i am using but a very nice Gretsch kit i found on eBay. I am using a great loaner from Doug that is a lot like this but emerald green lacquer. more later.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

just to post a post

Well, i don't have a lot to say. Went for my morning run. that is going well. weighed myself this morning. that was spooky. i will not take the time to tell you but it is a personal high. much higher than i would have ever thought buy 15 lbs. so we will work on that. i voted yesterday. man is that hard to do. which liar and crook do you think will be the lesser of the liars and crooks. i voted straight ticket Republican which i have never done before. i have been doing a lot of drum research lately. i will be putting up a post soon for my feelings as to what i think would be dreamy. if this band takes off and i start seeing $$$$ then i might try to buy 2 kits. one for a cheap traveling kit and one just to stare at. i will post that maybe later today. i would love to sell everything and start all over.just about every purchase i ever made was done with research but not knowledge. i looked and sometimes tryed things but didn't always know why i was buying stuff other than to run myself into debt for a week. i love a lot of my stuff but i would be happier if i would have done stuff with a system. don't buy a crash just to have a crash. what size...where do you want it to fill....blah blah blah type stuff. sorry this hasn't been real meaningful but i will hit you (Jeff) with some fine details later.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

THIS FREAKING THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I JUST TYPED THIS WHOLE STINKING THING AND HIT THE SPELLCHECK AND POOF! GONE! BYE BYE! AHHHHHHH! (someone get me some coffee!) okay. now....for what i have heard myself say once already.........Last night was Halloween and we went over to E.'s dad's as tradition because it is his B-day also. No great stories, just beautiful memories. Layla was a pricess (naturally) and Evan was Batman. Reagan was a Ladybug but didn't go trick or treating. On my way over to E.'s dad's my cell went off and it was Eric from the band that i was in for the month that it existed. He was calling to appologize and let me know that it is back on with a complete staff. 4 other guy's that are already in a dn they offered me the drum spot again if i wanted it. Brian is in it again, he's the one that i talked to after we never heard from Eric again. I talked to him today and he feels good about it. I told Eric that i wasn't real happy with him last time and i wanted things to change. I still havn't decided what i will do. I told him that i wouldn't drop the other band that i am in because i did that before and they stuck with me after these guy's fell apart. I don't think that E wants me to do it with another baby coming but extra money at baby time will come in handy. Before it really wasn't a money thing, it was just to get playing again. Now, i think it would be for money more than anything, not that i don't want to keep playing, but i think you understand where i am going with this. still undecided. we'll see how it goes. Later for now. i'll keep you updated.