Friday, October 05, 2007

Global Greatness

i really need to stop wondering / commenting / complaining about my "Global Greatness" but i look at Stacy's Lastinger's site and i see her Earth starring at me. It brag's about how she is viewed by the whole WORLD. i just wonder why i am viewed by myself more than any one. am i to involved with myself. it's very odd. if Pete had a globe i think that he would have a CRAZY following. it's not that i don't like my audience, it's just very odd. i need to get over this. i am sorry for my post. i hope everyone has a good weekend. i am playing at church this weekend (5 services) for the kid's. Jeff and i have been doing this for a while. it really is a lot of fun and since i am not in any other bands, it's nice to have a reason to play. it is on a Roland electronic kit which is really NOT enjoyable, however it serves its purpose and i can't complain about that (except for what i just did).

work has been quite nice since one of the bosses has been away. nice guy, but hard to work for. he comes back next week so that shall be a treat. we get to make up for lost time yelling.

on the 13th (a Tuesday) i am taking a day off to go to a corn maize (maze) with Layla and Elizabeth. it is a "field trip" for Layla's preschool.

early November the Kattau's as a whole are making there first road trip with Marley (and Layla of course) to my sisters and Aunt's in Noble(tucky)ville.

still trying to get a couple tickets to a horrid Notre Dame football game. i haven't really gone looking for any this year. i got 2 and gave them away to another guy here. Jeff offered to take me to a Colt's game this weekend but i felt i should stay home to help with the kids. when i play at Granger Community Church for the 5 services, it really takes the whole weekend. Practice Saturday starts at 3. services are at 5:30 and 7:30 and then we have to be back at the church sunday to start at 8 and the last service is at noon. again, it makes for a long weekend, but for a great reason. the kids seem to really enjoy it. anyways going to the Colts game would not get me back home until late Sunday night so i opted out but it has got me intrigued to get some ND tickets. in a Purchasing job, they arn't overly tricky to get. i would like to get about 8 tickets so i could take the Elizabeth and I, and a handful of friends so i can just have a little tailgate, but we'll see. again, i'll have to actually start looking and calling.

well again, have a good weekend. go Dawgs! we play Tennessee this weekend. good memories of trevor and my first road trip to Knoxville to see our first Georgia game. good win.

P.S. artwork Layla drew in my office yesterday. i see it as a million dollar piece.

while i was looking for that i stumbled across this picture. it is a 32" LCD TV that i was demoing and hooked up for a month to use as my moniter. that was sweet.

See ya.


Stacy said...

Um, ok, a couple things.
Sorry about my globalness...I wish I could tell you there was some super secret squirrel way that I got worldly hits...but I have no idea how it happened.
And...YOU TURNED DOWN COLTS TICKETS?!?!?!? I think living in Indy has definitely worn off on me...are you KIDDING?! Ok, I understand that you live 3 hours away from the stadium...4 if you count the traffic. But, OI!
And finally, Notre Dame...if you can swing it...count Rob & I in if the tailgating ever happens. I know he had a blast when you guys went, and I've never been to an Irish game myself (hard to believe) and would love to go too. No pressure. ;)

brent said...

i know. i flet bad about the Colts game. i realy want to go but i am being a good family man. it's just the wrong weekend. then i got offered 2 other Colts tickets if i wanted to by them from Trevor since he is on the waiting list for season tickets, he gets the inside scoop on extras. last week he got offered 50 yard line, row 1. his dad bought them insead. ND, gotcha.