Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Milky White Disaster

The big RV show is coming so I have been very involved in that, more so than any other year. our engineer is not what i would consider the top engineer in the indudstry, let alone the best engineer we have every had, not that i was either but i think that i can hold my own. i did it for 3 years here, 3 years and Hi Tech and have been involved with CAD work since my frosh. year of high school. overall, thats 16 years total. it's hard to think of anything that i have done that long when you are only 30. heck, i've only been drumming for 15 years. so this year i designed both of the units we are taking, i obviously purchased everything for them. i have also been the one dealing with the owners (and the wife / secratary) that makes the final desicion as to what she want (which can (and does) change (often)). i have had few problems but the one that i am fighting right now is HUGE. the main unit that we are taking is being refered to as a "Cottage" decor. First i don't like that title but thats just me. the main thing with this unit is that it has a tall wainscoat running through it using a white bead board. it looks very nice (or at least WILL). the other thing is we are adding a new cabinet package that is a plain square edge but still has the bead board in the middle for the panel. it will be very nice. the problem that i am having is that everything keeps coming in in a shade of white that we didn't agree on. I have the "master door" yet the 35 $70 panels are one color and the $2300 in doors are another. this is what i get for taking on the color "White". it has defeated us here before. we used to carry a very plain white but i always complained that it was ugly having 1 color white doors, 1 color white cabinets, 1 color white putty, 1 color white wood railings, and so on. we dropped it shortly after i started. that was a good day. well now it is coming back but we out sourced all the white to match, and now i am going through this. the good thing is that this is a company that is owned by i guy that i consider a friend so i now that i am being heard about my complaints. i think that the biggest problem is that all these things are being done at different plants and i have / had the master door that they now have but didn't originally. i hope this ends soon. i really am excited about my 2 new units. they should be very nice. All new windows, glass blocks, decors, and getting to use my brain for something that i haven't had to do in a long time. after these are all done and Louisville is over, then i will ask for a raise. i am well overdue.


Stacy said... experience the 'white' issue. You see what interior designers go through daily...JUST the right shade of *insert color here*. I feel your pain.
Good luck with that raise, I still have a couple of months to find out about what KIND of raise it is.

Jeff Kamp said...

we have the same issue. matching different white AC vents with ceiling material with a "RV" customer of ours. Who knew white had so many shades!!!