Monday, October 29, 2007

Georgia on my mind.

This is Georgia after scoring it's first touchdown. the WHOLE team stormed onto the field. it was very bizzare but it got them into the game and gave them the "W"

yes we got 2 penalties for it and ended up kicking off from the 15 yard line but it was worth it
Go Dawgs!

The Milky White Disaster Part II: The Return of Wood

Well, this has been a horrible project. as many will recall from the Milky White Disaster story we had a bunch of expensive panels come in quite frankly looking like crap. absolutly terrible. so they picked up the panels to respray them. great. problem solved. oh, i wish. so they arrive at 2 on Friday......LOOKING WORSE THAN THEY STARTED! of course i really don't have time to wait so i tell them to send 6 sheets to the cabinet shop and everyone just get to work on this stuff. as they start i sprint (picture Tom Kattau in a stiff legged jog, after all, i do have a beard right now) to the door room to get a sample and meet everyone in the cabvinet shop. just as i suspected, the panels were worse than they were to begin with. just then i see Curt "Captain Happy" Yoder walking in the plant. i have kept him out of this the whole time and figure now is the time to get him involved. he comes to see the panels and explodes. i think it went something like "#$*&@# %@# @%#$@ @%#$@#%$@#% the world $ @ ## @#your @%$@&*@#&@#. And by the way !@(#$*&@#(#@#(@ @$ Tabasco @ #*(&# $(*# $!@# Larry Bird!" that is MAD! so i call my guy and tell him that he needs to be out and we need a fix STAT.

Jon came out Friday and they pick the panels up then. i got a call from Jon at 8:30 friday night saying that he just left the plant. things were being sprayed and colors looks great. MY PROBLEMS ARE OVER!!!!

we had a very good weekend. had a halloween party for a bunch of kids over at E.'s sister. that went very very well. Georgia beat Florida. Red Sox win the World Series. what could go wrong. then, i went to work

Monday i skip into work waiting for hugs and butt pats. ooooorrrrrrrr i could find out that no panels have arrived. at all. anywhere. at all. zero. (none) i call Jon. call a second number. 3, 4, and 5 more numbers to various people, plants nothing. i wait 3.4658765821 seconds and call the plant again. i get a guy telling me that he will look into it a call me back.


nobody is calling. i call again to hear a girl tell me that they are waiting on paint. huh? well heres the skinny.

Jon said that they decided Friday night that they would just go get all new bad board panels rather than adding more and more paint to these that were really quite crappy to begin with. well no that they had already sprayed these panels so many times and now a new plant was spraying them in a totally different machine that they never expected to use on these panels that takes a tottally different kind of paint from what you just go get at Lowe's. well it also takes 3 coats and what Jon had seen was coat 1 and they compared color. so they finished 4 panels that i have here. they look great. i am supposed to see the remanding 31 by 2:00. we'll see.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

not much to report

Hey there. well the good news on the paint is that i was right. they picked up material today, i will get it back tomorrow.

Game 1 of the World Series was great. a 13-1 schallaking of Colorado. Go BoSox. Georgia plays this weekend against Florida. should be a tricky game. this game is always at a neutral site in Jacksonville, FL. it is known as the "Worlds Largest Cocktail Pary". this was one of the games that Trevor and i wanted to go to this year. Maybe next year we will get a road trip in. i know Elizabeth is reading this now shaking her head no. Daddy loves you.

No real news to report after that. these pics are a couple that i found on the ever dangerous Ebay. it really is best if i never look on there. to many things to find. i found this snare. i like the paint job. not a big fan of Pearl snares. have yet to find one that i thought made a great sound. Also found this old kit. 1968 Rogers. i love Champagne Sparkle kits. they just look so nice for a jazz band.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Milky White Disaster

The big RV show is coming so I have been very involved in that, more so than any other year. our engineer is not what i would consider the top engineer in the indudstry, let alone the best engineer we have every had, not that i was either but i think that i can hold my own. i did it for 3 years here, 3 years and Hi Tech and have been involved with CAD work since my frosh. year of high school. overall, thats 16 years total. it's hard to think of anything that i have done that long when you are only 30. heck, i've only been drumming for 15 years. so this year i designed both of the units we are taking, i obviously purchased everything for them. i have also been the one dealing with the owners (and the wife / secratary) that makes the final desicion as to what she want (which can (and does) change (often)). i have had few problems but the one that i am fighting right now is HUGE. the main unit that we are taking is being refered to as a "Cottage" decor. First i don't like that title but thats just me. the main thing with this unit is that it has a tall wainscoat running through it using a white bead board. it looks very nice (or at least WILL). the other thing is we are adding a new cabinet package that is a plain square edge but still has the bead board in the middle for the panel. it will be very nice. the problem that i am having is that everything keeps coming in in a shade of white that we didn't agree on. I have the "master door" yet the 35 $70 panels are one color and the $2300 in doors are another. this is what i get for taking on the color "White". it has defeated us here before. we used to carry a very plain white but i always complained that it was ugly having 1 color white doors, 1 color white cabinets, 1 color white putty, 1 color white wood railings, and so on. we dropped it shortly after i started. that was a good day. well now it is coming back but we out sourced all the white to match, and now i am going through this. the good thing is that this is a company that is owned by i guy that i consider a friend so i now that i am being heard about my complaints. i think that the biggest problem is that all these things are being done at different plants and i have / had the master door that they now have but didn't originally. i hope this ends soon. i really am excited about my 2 new units. they should be very nice. All new windows, glass blocks, decors, and getting to use my brain for something that i haven't had to do in a long time. after these are all done and Louisville is over, then i will ask for a raise. i am well overdue.

Friday, October 19, 2007

i post again

hello all. it's been a while (Staind song reference). it has been a busy week taking off Tuesday for the feild trip for Layla. well that was a bust due to rain. the field trip was to a corn maize. they did give us rain checks so the plan is to get back out there this weekend.

last night we had a pretty good storm. Elkhart didn't really get much of anything but good wind and rain but Nappannee got a tornado that did some flattening. that has been all the news today. last night while it was happening every channel was covering it so i was getting annoyed because CSI was on and i was missing the ball game. For some unknown reason i have been obsessed with this Cleveland and Boston series. i dispise the Yankee's. i do like one or two of there players but that started while they were with other teams. i was happy that Cleveland bumped them out. i also dislike Cleveland so i am pulling for the BoSox. Growing up i was big into the A's and the White Sox for the American League and a Houston guy for the National League. i do like the see the Cubs do well but i am not a die hard guy by any means. White Sox always had troubles with the Indians so that never made me like them any better. this is NOT flowing very well. i am sorry you are having to read this.

other news...i got a call on my way home last night from Brian, my old bass player. he was just kind of calling to find out what i was up to. i think that he was feeling out band options. seeing Shawn and now talking to Brian i have a feeling that they are going to try again. i would be fine with that, i just want everyone to be serious about it. i don't want to be a professional practicing band, i just want to play. i don't want to play every weekend. every third would be nice, in smoke free bars, that get done playing at 11, and pay $1200 per member. i don't think that is to much to ask.

Here's some random thoughts of intrest going on

Latest music that i can't stop listening to: Big Head Todd and the Monsters

Latest website that i can't stop going to:

Latest food craving: Chinesse

Events coming up: going south in 2 weeks to see my sister and nephews and aunt; Vegas in January with Jeff

thing that i can't get over: that Marley will be 5 months on Monday

Monday, October 15, 2007

Weekend review

Welcome back. hope the weekend was good to all. it was a mixed weekend at the Kattau household. Friday after the girls were asleep, i ventured over to Middlebury to Bella Luna. Cute little bar across from the Northridge. i went to see Trevor who has been harrassing me to join him out there but i went to do a little Dateline investigative reporting, well, watching..err listening, nay..... snooping. soo i arrive out there at about 10:30. only kind of know where i am going i drive around the building twice to ensure i don't walk around 6 times looking for a door or anything. other than Trev, the main reason that i went, the Jason Sapen Band was playing there. as many of you can recall, i have band "issue's". it was Jason, very nice. got recongnition instantly from him, Scotty who i have played with many time whilst sitting in with other bands, and Shawn, my long lost guita player from (gulp) Foreplay (man did i hate that name!) i got there as a sit had ended. chatted for a minute with Shawn and Jami, the plant manager from work came up to me. i think that he was only staying to see if i showed up or not. he left fairly soon after that. i retrieved a Guiness and grabbeda seat with Trevor. College Football was on the tube. i love College Football. Go Dawgs!

so i chatted with Shawn, showed pics of the kids. it was his birthday and yet he seemed to be sober. i was thrilled. i told him that i havn't talked to anybody in quite a while. he said that Brian the old bass player and he had talked yesterday about starting things up again. i will try to not get to excited because thier track record SUCKS! still bummed that Jeff and my jazz thing never got to far, but i am not giving up on that either. i can't say this time that we havn't tried to find a bass player. it just has come up empty.

so JSB played one more set and then packed up. really great for a bar band. 3 guys, all acoustic, no stinkin' drummer (hey wait!!!) so after the show, i wait to pounce till the 3 guys are all together. like a S.E.A.L. wiggle my way over to them (i was not waering a wet suit) i told them they sounded great, because they did. i mentioned to Jason that i had e-mailed him a couple times about being thier weekend drummer, but it never went anywhere. but at least he gave me a good solid answer and told me that if he changed his mind he would let me know first. honestly, they didn't NEED a drummer, i just wanted to be the drummer. either way it was good to be out. i was home in bed by 12:30 knowing the E. had to work the next day and i would have the girls.

SATURDAY started with lots of fussing and crying, the baby was going to be a challenge today. i could feel it. so could E. so she said she would call the Nana's to see if they were going to be around. Marley has been fighting with teeth so you can't blame her but it is so draining. you can't put her down. the best break from it all is Layla. Marley can be crying her eyes out and Layla will get started baby talking to her and she just grins like nothing is wrong. i got a call from my mom saying that she was going to be int eh area and so needed to kill some time so she brought McDonals breakfast. oh. you talk abotu delightful. yes oh yes. thank you sir may i have another. nice work mom! so mom goes and i rally the troops. i dump Marley off at Nana's and head over to the library with Bean (Layla) we do the normal head up top the video's and i wasn't going to help her find Peter Pan becasue i really didn't want to see it again, but it didn't matter. i swear she can read. she walks right over, picks it up and said she was ready. CRAP! oh well, i guess if she's happy, i'm happy. i grabbed a couple CD's for listening enjoyment including a Hootie and the Blowfish CD (and i don't feel bad about it) when i think of Hootie, it reminds me of when E. and i first started dating. we went to a concert together and just random reminders of young love (awwww). so E got home after work by way of picking up Marley. Dad stopped by Wendy's and picked up dinner and then after we got the girls down, E and I went to meet the McDowell's. it has been quite the while since we all got together, let alone with out kids. we got home about 12:30. Marley was up soon after.

SUNDAY was going to be along day. Marley was up way to much and it was just kind of a bummer day. the highlight was getting the whole family out side for about an hour. Marly does love to be out. the was the best she had been for an hour straight in a long time. E and Bean swung, Marley and i raked. well, the exersaucered and i raked. then we had a great chicken from off the grill. E can cook. i can eat. it work's. so after the girls were down E felt that we both deserved bowls of ice cream after that day was over. she was right. then she knew just what to do. Peanut butter in the microwave. oh, this i a good time. 45 seconds on 50% power. this is worth blogging about.

TODAY E took Marley to the doctor to see what they had to say. it's all teeth so there not much more you can do that we are. i don't know HOW you can stay home all day at times like these (song reference, Foo Fighters) how stay at home mom's don't make 6 figures is beyond me. she works a lot more than i do in a day. i get a vacation 5 days a week compared to what she goes through.

Here's to stay at home mom's and mom's in general

Funny thing Jeff just sent to me. listen to it here

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Come on Gran Turismo 5!!!

Sure when this game finally comes out it will require a Play Station 3 but it all seems like a good idea. this game won't be out for quite a while, but it's cheaper than buying real cars and the storage is a lot better. never have to wash them. cheap insurance. i can buy another car and not have to ask my wife. don't need to worry about if i have a baby seat in the Audi R8. Don't have to be concerned with the Aston Martin DBS being in the shop. Click this photo to see how clean the image is going to be. Oh this is exciting!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

my latest internet obssesion

A couple weeks ago i went running. it was a good outing. i got down to Strong Avenue. there are some fairly nice houses on that stretch. as i was running past one house a man was arriving home. he politely waited for me to get past his drive and he pulled in. he was driving a 1970's Porsche 911. there was something about this car. something that was cool because it wasn't new, but not in the muscle car attitude. i love my muscle cars. i would love to have a Jay Leno style garage with a crew on hand at all times. i also understand that i don't get paid millions to be the second best late night guy out there (Yea Dave!) so as i slowed to a jog watching, listening this cool cat rollin' in his Porsche (yes, you must end with an "a" sound at the end. Porschaaaaa) i think, these can't be an overly expensive car. i don't need the top of the line model and we are talking from 1974-1977's that i really like. don't need a turbo. don't want a automatic (if you can even get them) well i was kind of right. as with all things, it's how much you WANT to spend. you can also find Ferrari's in this price range. i have always liked the 400i and the Magnum-mobile, the 328-GTS. Acura NSX would probably fall into this group also, but there is something about a Porsche. so anyways, i have now seen 3 or 4 of these older 911's and to top it off, this weekend the bass player at church just got a new 2008 911 convertible. this is not something that i see happening by the end of the week or year or 5 years even, but it my be a goal, to one day get a play car. i think that something like this would be cheaper than a muscle car because your first thought isn't "i'll drive to Craig's and we'll gank the motor and tranny and drop in a 502 and powerglide and go racing!" i think that most people keep these fairly stock. so, with that said, if anyone is looking to donate, say, $15,000 and get to see me happy and receive absolutly not one penny back, dial me up. i accept any funds. Let's make dreams happen.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Playin' for the kiddies. Eating waffles.

Well this weekend, Jeff and i played at GCC inthe Heir Force room. this is the 4th and 5th graders and they bring down another room that is all 2nd and 3rd graders. this is always a long weekend because you only play 2 songs and it is about 10 minutes into each service but for 5 services. normally you practice the weekend before but we had a good crew and so we met at 3 on Saturday. practice went well. Jeff had an "on the spot surprise" that he had to learn a new guitar part right then and there. as always he pulled it off quite well. now he just need to buy a mandolin and all problems will be solved. we always do 2 songs. sometimes it is stuff that they play upstairs in big people church, maybe just a different arrangment, but 9 times out of 10, it is a pretty good song selection. we were doing 1 song that we have done a million times that is actually a pretty good little ditty. the new one was a song that most people would have at least heard, a song by Bethany Dillion called "All I Need". it's one of those songs that sounds nice to listen to, but to play, it's a little pokey and dull.

first service (Sat, 5:30) went very well. good crowd. kids get into the music and there is a group of youth, the Outloud Team (which i all to frequently refer to as the "Dancing Girls") adds to the kids involvment. they have all sorts of fancy dance moves that the kids already typically know. after we get done playing you have some options, you could leave, or there is a room that you can go hang out in. kind of a cool place to be. the hub of hip. other musicians that play on the main stage or other musicians that might be off that week but there offices are right in this area. nice kitchette. plenty of dated Rolling Stones to pass the time. the 5:30 service is the one that i have always attended so i headed up stairs for some enlighting. Dr. Bob is one of those cool guys that you enjoy listening to because he gets so excited about Christ. Very good service.

second service (Sat, 7:30) we switched the order of the songs to finish on a more energetic song, not the new one. i did botch the ending of the new one by finishing a measure early but as always, we give each other a couple of odd stares and it ends. most people don't know a thing happend. it was better to finish with the faster song. leave the kids on a high not lingering cause you just simmered them down with a dull song. 7:30 can be a little tough. not as many kids and it's getting late so they are a little sleepier after dinner is settling in.

Sunday we start practice at 8 (8:15 for Rosy the singer who can knock your socks off vocally but can't seem to get to practice any where NEAR on time) then service starts at 8:30. this is always a tough one because all these kids and musicians are still waking up. this service is always tough and it the smallest crowd also of all five.

todays surprise was after the 8:30, Jeff and i worked our way into the Artist Lounge and while we were sitting, reading or what ever, this lady that is performing on the main stage starts whipping up waffles. WAFFLES MAN!!!!! now these were not a so so frozen waffle. this was thng that required INGREDIENTS!!! ohh. and delightful. mmm. good. fluffy. cinamminy. mmm.

so then the 10:30 service kicked off badly. i don't start the song but i do give the count off. somewhere along the line "1" was not good. there was about a 6 beat period that NO ONE knew where "1" was. LeRoy, the band leader, had to stop us. this one was obvious but as always, you get back on the horse and things went fine after that. this is the service that you get real excited about. there has to be well over 100 kids in this service and they have had their coffee and Cap'n Crunch so everyone is feeling alive.

after the 10:30 service Jeff and i went into Dan's office to watch a DVD of Branford Marsalis doing John Coltrane's A Love Supreme. it's a lot more swingin' than the original and really takes a minute to get used to, but over all, on a 14" laptop moniter, quite good.

the last service, 12:00, is always tough because you know it's coming to and end and you have to stay focused. it was probably our best service overall. so after it was all said and done, we served a couple hundred kids for a good reason.

i then left church and headed over to pick up my new tires. the old Conti's on the G6 had met there match. the road. the original drive tires were balding like Rob's head and needed to be replaced badly. Elizabeth's cousin's husband works at Tirerack so i was able to swing out and pick up my new tires. NOT THE ONE'S SHOWN. it's sad how cool tire tread patterns can look. it makes you want to buy tires. really. it does. so i think that is about all i have to say about the weekend. yep.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Global Greatness

i really need to stop wondering / commenting / complaining about my "Global Greatness" but i look at Stacy's Lastinger's site and i see her Earth starring at me. It brag's about how she is viewed by the whole WORLD. i just wonder why i am viewed by myself more than any one. am i to involved with myself. it's very odd. if Pete had a globe i think that he would have a CRAZY following. it's not that i don't like my audience, it's just very odd. i need to get over this. i am sorry for my post. i hope everyone has a good weekend. i am playing at church this weekend (5 services) for the kid's. Jeff and i have been doing this for a while. it really is a lot of fun and since i am not in any other bands, it's nice to have a reason to play. it is on a Roland electronic kit which is really NOT enjoyable, however it serves its purpose and i can't complain about that (except for what i just did).

work has been quite nice since one of the bosses has been away. nice guy, but hard to work for. he comes back next week so that shall be a treat. we get to make up for lost time yelling.

on the 13th (a Tuesday) i am taking a day off to go to a corn maize (maze) with Layla and Elizabeth. it is a "field trip" for Layla's preschool.

early November the Kattau's as a whole are making there first road trip with Marley (and Layla of course) to my sisters and Aunt's in Noble(tucky)ville.

still trying to get a couple tickets to a horrid Notre Dame football game. i haven't really gone looking for any this year. i got 2 and gave them away to another guy here. Jeff offered to take me to a Colt's game this weekend but i felt i should stay home to help with the kids. when i play at Granger Community Church for the 5 services, it really takes the whole weekend. Practice Saturday starts at 3. services are at 5:30 and 7:30 and then we have to be back at the church sunday to start at 8 and the last service is at noon. again, it makes for a long weekend, but for a great reason. the kids seem to really enjoy it. anyways going to the Colts game would not get me back home until late Sunday night so i opted out but it has got me intrigued to get some ND tickets. in a Purchasing job, they arn't overly tricky to get. i would like to get about 8 tickets so i could take the Elizabeth and I, and a handful of friends so i can just have a little tailgate, but we'll see. again, i'll have to actually start looking and calling.

well again, have a good weekend. go Dawgs! we play Tennessee this weekend. good memories of trevor and my first road trip to Knoxville to see our first Georgia game. good win.

P.S. artwork Layla drew in my office yesterday. i see it as a million dollar piece.

while i was looking for that i stumbled across this picture. it is a 32" LCD TV that i was demoing and hooked up for a month to use as my moniter. that was sweet.

See ya.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

My day in court

well, not really. i am tardy in my report of jury duty yet still wanted to share my uneventful day with the world. it started with a call on Monday night to see if i had to report for jury duty. indeed i did. So i had the liberty of sleeping in an extra dreamy 30 minutes (but the girls got up so i don't think that i really got much extra). i was able to take the girls to Grandma Peg's for her to watch them the rest of the day. the Jury Duty report said that you should bring magazines and snacks because NOTHING would be provided. ahh. tax dollars at work. so i arrive at the parking lot and walk completely around this building. the main doors, well they had arrows pointing to the next group of doors. get to those doors, more arrows. Now i'm not going to bore anyone with how many sets of arrows there were but to make a good story, i will say 37 (probably 4) BUT i ended up right next to my parking lot if i wouldn't have followed the pack and just gone the other way. no no, instead we looked like a herd of cattle. mind you i grabbed 2 magazines, my paperwork, i large Fuji water a granola bar and a bag of trail mix. you would think that i was going to be gone for a while. nope, just didn't want to go on a hunger strike (song reference to Temple of the Dog)

so as i am walking a fumbling all thses things, i start chatting with this guy. we finally get around to the metal detector/check in/disrobing area and i start putting all my things down. walk through.... i made it (mental "YES" goes off in my head) same time a BEEEEEEP goes off. i turn around and no one is there. what the!?!?!?! i look at the guy, he says, "huh, well you can try again" like if i didn't want to i could stroll on in, so i back up and go again. this time the BEEEEEEEP is very prompt. BLAST! so i back up, remove my fine Levi belt and mosey through unalarmingly. now as i am tring to get out of the way / collect my things / dress again and keep up with this guy (don't ask why, i just had already talked to him and i didn't have to go meet someone else. he seemed normal, just work with me) so i felt like i was kicking things into the elevator and when it opened, i had this image of me just chucking everything into the back of the elevator and doing this dramatic leap into the box while falling to the ground as is i could barely make it in the nick of time, while taking this hard fall and then waiting another 58 long drawn out seconds before the doors close. so now i have this little giggle in my head. pleased to anounce that i was able to control it and not burst out into laughter that no one would understand.

so all put together now i get upstairs, follow the herd into another room and begin standing in line. i redress. i situate. i am now comfy again, just holding to much crap. debate just doing a 37 second pig out to rid myself of all this extra clutter, but i restrain. so the guy that i am now stalking starts talking to one of the ladies that is checking people in she tells him just to go on in. well crap lady, you just took my lab partner. so i stand in line oh so lonley. sitting, waiting, wishing (again, song reference) finally she gets to me and asks me my mileage. 3 miles round trip, i concur. she tells me to go on in so i instantly hunt this strange man that i feel so comfortable with out. not a big task, but i must admit, i did it. you will be pleased to know that i did give us the "ONE CHAIR BUFFER" so we don't talk, i just sit there trying to figure out where i can stick all this crap. i hold it.

finally about 75 people are in this room. now this is the second time i have been on jury duty. the first was for federal court and i got to serve on the jury so i am liking my chances. yes, thats right, i kind of WANT to do this. soooo, as this lady tells us all about the crap that we are about to sit through she says "Every one on this side of the room is here for Court Room 2 and this side is for Court Room 1, right?" so i glance at my paper work. guess which dope is on the wrong side of the room. THIS GUY!!!! i am pleased to announce that i wasn't alone. sure it was only about 4 of us but this was not my fault. so i gather my 30 pounds of crap and get to the other side. now you realize that i am leaving my long lost companion at the other side of the room. He will be missed. i head over to the front row of the other side of the room and sit between a man and a woman that i get my ONE SEAT BUFFER on either side. whew!

turns out that this is the woman that fitted me for many a tux at Gentleman's Den. Her name was Kim. we talked about a couple of the weddings she did for us. she was very nice. i drank some water. so one of the ladies came in and took out the people that were heading into Court room 2.

so peopel there for Court Room 1 wait. and wait. and wait. i eat my granola. delightful. and we wait. finally this well dressed man come into the room holding his robe. he declares himself "the Judge" he tells us that we were going to be involved in a 6 man jury for a case against a man for a count of Strangulation. NOW THAT IS JUICY!!!!! well at the last minute the convict, i mean defendant, pled guilty and so the trial was off. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!!! so they had a rape case that would have required a 12 man jury but the attorney's weren't ready so after 3 hours af waiting, we got to go home.

All in all it was a fairly uneventful morning. i went home, enjoyed a lunch of leisure and then like a good company man, still went to work. so thats for reading this. is was long and windy with no real great story, but that is how the day was. Have a good one of your own.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The girlie's

Here are some nice new pictures of the girls as promised. enjoy. you can click on the pictures to enlarge them. i see a vendor has arrived so i will have to get back to you all later.

Monday, October 01, 2007

welcome back to work.

Good October to ya! hope that everyone had a good weekend. the Kattau's did. Friday night my parents took the girls so Elizabeth and i went on a date and, get this, ate a meal at the SAME TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know. we live it up. we went to Hollihans in Mishawaka. it was lovely even though Elizabeth was annoyed by me sitting next to her and not across from her. she worked through it. when we got done, we debated a movie, we called my buddy Bronson to see if he and his fiancee wanted to join us for anything, ice cream or a movie. but they are losers and didn't join us. so, we were feeling fat from Hollihan's so we went to Babies-R-Us (oh yeah WE'RE LIVIN' NOW!) and then to good old Target. Whilst (new word) at Target, i picked up the new Pearl Jam DVD Immagine in Cornice. Very good. it is a cool mix of documentary and concert footage. it is directed by Danny Clinch. he is a guy who's name has just started appearing everywhere. the Foo Fighters acoustic DVD. he even plays harmonica on one of the songs. Now i see him on the DVD for Pearl Jam. what could go wrong. the DVD has a nice mix of songs. some of my fav's are Evenflow, Alive, Come Back and the always popular Yellow Ledbetter. delightful. i need to get a REAL home theater to enjoy these morsals of goodness, but alas, another day, another pay check. well i will say that my mystery news is no longer. had a thing. fell through. no biggie. NEXT TOPIC. yesterday we dumped Marley off at my parents again and E. and i took Layla with E's sister and her family to the Apple Orchard / Pumpkin Patch to pick out pumpkins. everyone had fun. Layla picked out her own pumpkin. well, i think that concludes the weekend. tongith i have to call to see if i have Jury Duty tomorrow or not. if i do, this will be my second time. i did serve my first time, it was for Federal Court in South Bend. it was interesting to see how retarded our court system is. well i think thats it for now. Oh, by the way, Georgia won again. 4-1. ranked 12th. go Dawg's. Also, everyone has to feel bad for Marley today. she had shots. 3 of them. poor kid. i will get some new pics up soon.