Friday, October 19, 2007

i post again

hello all. it's been a while (Staind song reference). it has been a busy week taking off Tuesday for the feild trip for Layla. well that was a bust due to rain. the field trip was to a corn maize. they did give us rain checks so the plan is to get back out there this weekend.

last night we had a pretty good storm. Elkhart didn't really get much of anything but good wind and rain but Nappannee got a tornado that did some flattening. that has been all the news today. last night while it was happening every channel was covering it so i was getting annoyed because CSI was on and i was missing the ball game. For some unknown reason i have been obsessed with this Cleveland and Boston series. i dispise the Yankee's. i do like one or two of there players but that started while they were with other teams. i was happy that Cleveland bumped them out. i also dislike Cleveland so i am pulling for the BoSox. Growing up i was big into the A's and the White Sox for the American League and a Houston guy for the National League. i do like the see the Cubs do well but i am not a die hard guy by any means. White Sox always had troubles with the Indians so that never made me like them any better. this is NOT flowing very well. i am sorry you are having to read this.

other news...i got a call on my way home last night from Brian, my old bass player. he was just kind of calling to find out what i was up to. i think that he was feeling out band options. seeing Shawn and now talking to Brian i have a feeling that they are going to try again. i would be fine with that, i just want everyone to be serious about it. i don't want to be a professional practicing band, i just want to play. i don't want to play every weekend. every third would be nice, in smoke free bars, that get done playing at 11, and pay $1200 per member. i don't think that is to much to ask.

Here's some random thoughts of intrest going on

Latest music that i can't stop listening to: Big Head Todd and the Monsters

Latest website that i can't stop going to:

Latest food craving: Chinesse

Events coming up: going south in 2 weeks to see my sister and nephews and aunt; Vegas in January with Jeff

thing that i can't get over: that Marley will be 5 months on Monday

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