Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekend Lookback

Hello all. i have been bad about updating my blog. i have no excuses. so Friday Jeff and i went up to good ole Chicago to go see the Joshua Redman Trio featuring Brandford Marsalis. We saw Brandford and his quartet last year and it was amazing. Jeff "Tain" Watts is one of my favorite jazz drummers. Thunderous power. we had no idea of who was going to be there this year. Turn out it was Greg Hutchinson. he is a very good talent. the thing that amazed me the most is how little he moves. great finger and wrist control. honestly it was not as good as last years show but i still really enjoyed it. we dined at Bennigans which isn't my favorite but i always think that i am going to like it. i got the Monte Cristo. it's good. then you eat a little more and it's okay. by the time you are 6 bites in you are ready to be done with it. i did have a Newcastle Brown Ale. That is always nice. So i was wast thrilled when the show was over we got to validate our parking so is only cost us $13.00 instead if $28.00 for 2 hours.

As Jeff and i are on the way out the door, Brian calls me saying that once again, we are needing to reschedule the recording date. we practiced last night and we are going to the studio tonight now. i am really excited. we are up to 6 songs from 4. i must say, some of Brian's material is very good i will be taking some pictures but i think that he is having someone there to do that for us. i went to Doug's Saturday night to get things dialed in and decide on what configuration i wanted to take. i will be taking.....

Gretsch Round Badge 14x20 Kick
GMS GM Series 10x10 Tom
Gretsch Round Badge 16x16 Floor Tom
Penny (my custom built 6.5x14" Maple 10 ply Snare)
Bloodshot (Rob's custom built 7x13" Maple 8 ply Snare)
and a slew of Zildjian cymbals

well off to get a couple things finished. later

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Memories of a Mustang.....

After getting a comment from Grant about the Mustang i thought i would recreate some memories or thoughts i had about the Mustang.

First i remember it was always a work in progress. Random speakers, light covers, tires, brakes, security systems that only kind of worked, fluids, rims, fans, CB's, misc. bolts and washers, foam seal and caulk but audio components were the majority. If Grant was done with it, i bought or traded something for it. When i was finished, Brad bought or traded for it. Head units, speakers, EQ's, changers, more speakers. it never ended. You never asked where things came from. that's just how it worked. you didn't want to know. Sony 6.5" 4 ways, Jensen 3.5" in the dash, don't' worry about it. It is weird that Montgomery Ward went out of business though. Oh well. Anyways... thought #2

We seemed to always be being chased or in the process of needing to chase someone, and yet, we were never caught OR caught anyone. it was the fastest 4 cylinder dressed to look like a GT this side of the Mississippi. Grant was the only friend that i had that owned a vehicle with a manual so i think that gave him a little extra "cool factor" Robbie could drive one, but had no access to one and i think that if anyone else tried to drive the Mustang, it would have blown up. SERIOUSLY.

i remember Grant taking the Mustang to a local brake place to get a new set installed and of course we KNEW they screwing with us so we had to take my Grand Prix and steal back the old brakes. sure enough they could have turned the rotors instead of putting on new ones. i don't remember what the outcome was but it was in favor of the honorable Mr. Grant Z Price.

CB's. Rob came back from Ball State with a trucker style CB and so EVERYBODY went out and bought them. we chased each other around the town with those dumb things for weeks. Nothing happened but we did get into a yelling match with some old fart in the DeCamp subdivision. STAY OFF CHANNEL 9 MAN!!!!

Another great memory was the installation of a Kenwood (always use Kenwood products gentlemen) CD Changer. well it didn't fit where G wanted it to. so we (he) came up with the idea of cutting out the arm rest in the back seat for the passenger that was made of plastic. i was hesitant, but not Mr. Cut First, Worry Second. we (he) hacked that thing off in a heartbeat and then the thing didn't fit right so we added a dab of foam seal to hold it steady. Low and behold, a masterpiece.

i remember it getting broke into at the restaurant on 33 while it rained. i think we are still chasing those people. the best story is that it was sold to some Mexicans. amen.

Grant, if you have any pics, i think the community deserves them. later all

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Very odd.

So yesterday i posted about a concept car that is 4 years old that i wish GM would build. No reason. i liked the car, wished they would build it. no biggie. no reason. then turn around and Jeff sends me this. now they definatley changed it a bit to work with their already working chassis but that is kind of spooky.

i realy like this. NOW, it's not like i am going to be able to buy one compared to the Nomad but still. Me, i like. i will say that it looks a lot like another car that i like. the BMW Z4. I'm just saying that because i want one bad (yeah yeah yeah, i know i'm not getting one of those either) but i get that good ole GM discount so this would be my avenue (but won't be)
Next topic: HEALTH. we need some. Last night poor Marley May who has been struck with double ear infections, colds, teething, doctors visits, medications and other fun stuff was up at 3 AM throwing up. i had to bath her at 3. she LOVES baths. needless to say, she did NOT enjoy this one. she did get back to sleep so we hope the whole family gets cleared up soon. Summers coming so at least we are getting this out of our systems now. thats my positive spin if there is one. there needs to be.

Next Topic: RECORDING. i got a voice mail yesterday saying that he thinks that it has been called off. i havn't gotten back to him yet but i guess that P.S. Dump Your Boyfriend is "touring" again and he is their sound guy so there he goes. that is what i got from the v-mail. i dont' know when it will be rescheduled or anything but hopefully soon. the material is fresh now and this would mean more practices and i really didn't want to do that. i may ask for more $$$ per song now if this is going to drag on. we'll see. lets not kid ourselves, i'm no pro but i love doing it. it would be nice to get this over so i can focus on Jeff's and my new band.

Last Topic: UNBURIED MUSIC. i have been on a real John Mayer kick but it has me a little burned out. i looked to the collection to get out some new old stuff. Here's what i found....

Smashing Pumpkins, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. it reminds me of Grant Price and driving in the Mustang or even the Cavalier.

Next is a band by the name of Cave In. i picked this up after reading an interview with Dave Grohl (Nirvana / Foo Fighters) about his thoughts for the best up and coming bands. i did like this. since this album they have had i think 2 more come out. those i have not heard but have intrest in.
Last but not least...the best of David Bowie 1969-1974. i think that i bought this after Adam Sandler came out with the movie Mr. Deeds when they are singing in the private chopper. it's all i can think of. it's definatley a change of pace. i have no complaints. Makes me wonder what else i can dig up. i'll get back to ya.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why won't Chevy build this!?!?!?!

This is an old concept car, from the 2004/2005 year. it is the Chevy Nomad redone. love it, yet it was a concept when the Pontiac Solstice was a concept and that happened so i assume that we won't ever see this. To bad.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Begin your brackets!!!!!!! there any question as to who i picked?!?! GO HEELS! and way to go Georgia. who knew? i have a feeling they will get beat down hard in the first round, but hey, they made it. obviously it's March Madness. the 2 girls and i have all had colds this weekend and E hasn't quite shaken her flu symptoms so i hope that we are all back on track soon. this Saturday is my recording session so i am really looking forward to that. have a good week. B.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


i don't know what "it" is? odd post. must have touched something inappropriately. my apologies.

Monday, March 10, 2008

it has been some time, but i am back!!!!

Hello all. it has been quite a while since i have blogged. Elizabeth has bounced back very well from her little spill. she was out for a couple days but it didn't slow her down much. I had a birthday. yeah me. 31. i had 43 birthday parties, just ask Elizabeth. on the Saturday after my birthday we got a group of people together at Micheal's downtown. I love it there. the best ribs in the area. so we had 10 of us get together and then most of us returned back to Casa Del Kattau for beverages and year book reminiscing. it was fun. also very surprising that we didn't whip out any boys vs. girls games to end in a heated argument where the boys are all wankers and the girls are just plain wrong. we turn into such a happy bunch when we are together. Earlier that Saturday, Rob came over and made Marley cry. then we headed over to Craig's and cut down blanks of wood for our stave snare drum project. we didn't really do anything crazy, just cut wood into smaller sections. but we got to work on it together. he didn't do all the work and then tell me about it the next day. nice to be able to contribute a bit.

i have been working on the new Brian Fisher CD. we have been practicing and he booked our studio time for March 22. i am very excited. i have recorded before but it has always been on Jeff's equipment. this time PRO TOOLS. the copy and paste of the music industry. we are doing 4 songs for now, maybe five and then i guess he has some other stuff but i have no idea when he is wanting to do that. he has a myspace page i will link and also you can find it by clicking here. it has been fun doing these songs. i was definitely worried when we started but as time has progressed, i think that he has some good material. i am also very happy to have booked Doug Lim as my drum tech. he is the best in the area and i am fortunate to have him on my friend list. i am also enjoying getting in touch with an old chum from years back. Ed Mullin's became a good friend of mine and Jeff's when i was a Hi Tech through Phil Jones. they were both in the Groovie Goolies. Ed was an amazing showman with guitar and vocal skills that backed it up. Blank Slate spent many hours figuring how he did what he did. we never figured it out. Ed was the hands down biggest fan of the Thicktoez, Jeff's and my first adventure in professional practicing bands. i have been trying to get Ed into Jeff's and my new blue's band with Andre Randle. if it doesn't work out, i am glad to talk to him again. we killed a LOT of time while i was at Hi Tech. i can't say A LOT enough. it was seriously...a LOT (bunches even)