Monday, May 15, 2006

My latest thoughts on the state of my drumming

DRUMS! my lord i love these creations of wood and metal with plastics and other random materials. I rebuilt my 6x14 Hand Hammered Steel this week. think that i tuned it in pretty well. After the show at Jeff's old church, i had some thoughts about reworking mine. I will be taking it to my friend Doug Lim's for a consultaion to get some ideas as to what i can do to it. Thinking that recutting the bearing edges will be a little dangerous since the wood is so crappy. Reheaded my kick drum with a clear Evans EMAD that i had on it for about a year before swithing to smooth white Powerstroke 3. the Evans has sharper attack. Will switch the heads on the toms back to Remo Coated Pinstripes. Put a Aquarian coated Sudio X with rings and power dot on the snare and set up my Pork Pie 6x10 aux. snare. Cymbals remain the same. I watched the Led Zeppelin DVD this weekend and was inspired to set up a little different and new locations. I get nervous remove memory locks because i love my rack so things are a little goofy but if i ever settle on a setup (NEVER!!!) then i will pull the memory locks. Recently been thinking about selling a bunch of equipment and stereo equipment and buyinbg a second kit to keep at Jeff's so i have a practice kit and tour kit and just transfer cymbals and what ever i feel like. This is all initial thoughts so bear with me. the kit i am thinking of is a Gretsch Catalina Mod in the silver and black sparkle finish. 20x22 kick, 9x12 tom and 14x16 floor. i have never seen the finish but i think "How can you screw up a sparkle?" Gotta run, thanks for reading

Just puttin' it out there.....

Do not tell smart toddler's the gifts that you buy people for special occations. Saturday Elizabeth had to work so Layla and I went to go get E.'s mom's day gift. We walked into Bath and Body Work's. One of the questions that we hear all the time now is, "Where are we?" we may be at home, however, we still would get the question. We walked into B&BW's and she asked "Where are we" and i tell her that we are in a store that makes you smell good. I asked her if she could smell the pretty smells and she starts smelling anything that is in a 40 ft radius of us. Cabinet doors, travel bags, raffia flowers, EVERYTHING. An absolute riot. So we pick our stuff and get home and she takes a nap. After E. got home she asked Layla what we had done to day. Layla responded, shopping for lotion. I just walked in the room and E. told me that she had said what she had. I asked Layla the same question and she said something about mommy soap. Oh well, she's cute.