Thursday, April 02, 2009

what i've observed running....

Good day all. well it was a good April. i logged 53 miles and that was with a week off in the middle. i really wanted to hit 60 but I'm sure that will happen this month. we are now at a 1 month countdown to the Indy Mini today. i went out yesterday in the crazy wind and had a couple observations.

-the more people in the car, the less they move over. one person in a car, and they fly to the other side of the road. 6 people in a car, you better move.

-way to many people talk on cell phones. i bet at least 65% of the people that go past are talking on cell phones.

-Men wave more than women. now let it be said, i am 6' 3", 210 lbs (down from 237 by the way...thank you very much) with a buzzed head and full goatee so i guess that i am a little spooky to make eye contact with.

-when a car pulls up to you and someone talks, it scares the crap out of you....Rob and Stacy

-wind is NOT cool

-Commercial trucks and Heavy Duty trucks almost always move over. The drivers almost always wave.

-Old people (sorry to group them, I'll say 70+) do NOT move over. i presume they don't see me.

-Kids frequently slide to the side. the high school girls rarely wave but the thug gangsta guys normally do.

-15 passenger vans want to kill all runners. in the land of the Amish, and living down the road from Target, Kohl's, Meier and Walmart, this is NOT GOOD

-when a passenger waves, it is a motherly looking figure in her late 40's in an SUV with her husband driving. he normally waves too.

-if 10 people drive by and i wave big first, 4 will wave back (single hand lifted off the steering wheel) 2 will give me the "suuup" nod (think "two guys in the mall walking past each other during the holidays" nod) and the others won't make eye contact

-the bigger the guy and the smaller the car, the less likely they are to move over.

i think that's all i have for now. i may add some later when i come up with them and can test them. later