Monday, October 15, 2007

Weekend review

Welcome back. hope the weekend was good to all. it was a mixed weekend at the Kattau household. Friday after the girls were asleep, i ventured over to Middlebury to Bella Luna. Cute little bar across from the Northridge. i went to see Trevor who has been harrassing me to join him out there but i went to do a little Dateline investigative reporting, well, watching..err listening, nay..... snooping. soo i arrive out there at about 10:30. only kind of know where i am going i drive around the building twice to ensure i don't walk around 6 times looking for a door or anything. other than Trev, the main reason that i went, the Jason Sapen Band was playing there. as many of you can recall, i have band "issue's". it was Jason, very nice. got recongnition instantly from him, Scotty who i have played with many time whilst sitting in with other bands, and Shawn, my long lost guita player from (gulp) Foreplay (man did i hate that name!) i got there as a sit had ended. chatted for a minute with Shawn and Jami, the plant manager from work came up to me. i think that he was only staying to see if i showed up or not. he left fairly soon after that. i retrieved a Guiness and grabbeda seat with Trevor. College Football was on the tube. i love College Football. Go Dawgs!

so i chatted with Shawn, showed pics of the kids. it was his birthday and yet he seemed to be sober. i was thrilled. i told him that i havn't talked to anybody in quite a while. he said that Brian the old bass player and he had talked yesterday about starting things up again. i will try to not get to excited because thier track record SUCKS! still bummed that Jeff and my jazz thing never got to far, but i am not giving up on that either. i can't say this time that we havn't tried to find a bass player. it just has come up empty.

so JSB played one more set and then packed up. really great for a bar band. 3 guys, all acoustic, no stinkin' drummer (hey wait!!!) so after the show, i wait to pounce till the 3 guys are all together. like a S.E.A.L. wiggle my way over to them (i was not waering a wet suit) i told them they sounded great, because they did. i mentioned to Jason that i had e-mailed him a couple times about being thier weekend drummer, but it never went anywhere. but at least he gave me a good solid answer and told me that if he changed his mind he would let me know first. honestly, they didn't NEED a drummer, i just wanted to be the drummer. either way it was good to be out. i was home in bed by 12:30 knowing the E. had to work the next day and i would have the girls.

SATURDAY started with lots of fussing and crying, the baby was going to be a challenge today. i could feel it. so could E. so she said she would call the Nana's to see if they were going to be around. Marley has been fighting with teeth so you can't blame her but it is so draining. you can't put her down. the best break from it all is Layla. Marley can be crying her eyes out and Layla will get started baby talking to her and she just grins like nothing is wrong. i got a call from my mom saying that she was going to be int eh area and so needed to kill some time so she brought McDonals breakfast. oh. you talk abotu delightful. yes oh yes. thank you sir may i have another. nice work mom! so mom goes and i rally the troops. i dump Marley off at Nana's and head over to the library with Bean (Layla) we do the normal head up top the video's and i wasn't going to help her find Peter Pan becasue i really didn't want to see it again, but it didn't matter. i swear she can read. she walks right over, picks it up and said she was ready. CRAP! oh well, i guess if she's happy, i'm happy. i grabbed a couple CD's for listening enjoyment including a Hootie and the Blowfish CD (and i don't feel bad about it) when i think of Hootie, it reminds me of when E. and i first started dating. we went to a concert together and just random reminders of young love (awwww). so E got home after work by way of picking up Marley. Dad stopped by Wendy's and picked up dinner and then after we got the girls down, E and I went to meet the McDowell's. it has been quite the while since we all got together, let alone with out kids. we got home about 12:30. Marley was up soon after.

SUNDAY was going to be along day. Marley was up way to much and it was just kind of a bummer day. the highlight was getting the whole family out side for about an hour. Marly does love to be out. the was the best she had been for an hour straight in a long time. E and Bean swung, Marley and i raked. well, the exersaucered and i raked. then we had a great chicken from off the grill. E can cook. i can eat. it work's. so after the girls were down E felt that we both deserved bowls of ice cream after that day was over. she was right. then she knew just what to do. Peanut butter in the microwave. oh, this i a good time. 45 seconds on 50% power. this is worth blogging about.

TODAY E took Marley to the doctor to see what they had to say. it's all teeth so there not much more you can do that we are. i don't know HOW you can stay home all day at times like these (song reference, Foo Fighters) how stay at home mom's don't make 6 figures is beyond me. she works a lot more than i do in a day. i get a vacation 5 days a week compared to what she goes through.

Here's to stay at home mom's and mom's in general

Funny thing Jeff just sent to me. listen to it here

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