Tuesday, October 09, 2007

my latest internet obssesion

A couple weeks ago i went running. it was a good outing. i got down to Strong Avenue. there are some fairly nice houses on that stretch. as i was running past one house a man was arriving home. he politely waited for me to get past his drive and he pulled in. he was driving a 1970's Porsche 911. there was something about this car. something that was cool because it wasn't new, but not in the muscle car attitude. i love my muscle cars. i would love to have a Jay Leno style garage with a crew on hand at all times. i also understand that i don't get paid millions to be the second best late night guy out there (Yea Dave!) so as i slowed to a jog watching, listening this cool cat rollin' in his Porsche (yes, you must end with an "a" sound at the end. Porschaaaaa) i think, these can't be an overly expensive car. i don't need the top of the line model and we are talking from 1974-1977's that i really like. don't need a turbo. don't want a automatic (if you can even get them) well i was kind of right. as with all things, it's how much you WANT to spend. you can also find Ferrari's in this price range. i have always liked the 400i and the Magnum-mobile, the 328-GTS. Acura NSX would probably fall into this group also, but there is something about a Porsche. so anyways, i have now seen 3 or 4 of these older 911's and to top it off, this weekend the bass player at church just got a new 2008 911 convertible. this is not something that i see happening by the end of the week or year or 5 years even, but it my be a goal, to one day get a play car. i think that something like this would be cheaper than a muscle car because your first thought isn't "i'll drive to Craig's and we'll gank the motor and tranny and drop in a 502 and powerglide and go racing!" i think that most people keep these fairly stock. so, with that said, if anyone is looking to donate, say, $15,000 and get to see me happy and receive absolutly not one penny back, dial me up. i accept any funds. Let's make dreams happen.


Stacy said...

Sorry Brent. I'd donate, but I'm saving up for my own Shelby.

brent said...

OVER PRICED. se how thrifty i can be. mom and dad would be proud.