Wednesday, May 30, 2007

just a couple things have happened here recently...

Hello to my fans. i hope things are doing well. it is good to see you all again. i have had a couple minor things happen here in the last week. just trying to remember what they were. ummmm. ha yes, my wife had that second child of ours, i became an uncle on the same day, my oldest nephew turned 4 on that day and lets see what else. i have tendonitis in my right wrist, and internet explorer 7 is out (and maybe it has been for a while) i am the best man in a wedding this weekend and i am to run in a 5k that morning. okay. first. my daughter. Marley (yes, as in Bob) Elane (no i did not misspell it, there is no "i", that is how E.'s parents spelled it for her middle name) was removed on May 22 at 8:11 weighing in at 9 lbs. 5.9 oz and 22" long. for those of you in baby land that that means nothing to you, that is a big kid. Layla was 9 lbs. 1/4 oz. and 20 1/2" long. she has been in the 95% since she was born in relation to size for girls. so needless to say, Marley is a biggin'. She and mom are doing great. we got to come home Friday so we are a happy, sleepy, and full family. Layla is doing well with the transition. i'm sure once we have to start sharing toys, i will have to post diferently but at least we can get her used to that. Sunday, Layla turned 3, so we sent her to her aunts to play with her cousin Evan, who Layla calls "Big Ev" as does most of the family. she had a blast and with a not overly mobile mom and a new born, she had way more fun there than if she would have been home. Now, on the new nephew, the same day (May 22) my (okay, got through it) had their first son, Cade Loseth Tarapowski. an 8 pounder that is cute as a button. yes i am secure in my man hood to use that phrase. next topic, the morning of the 12th of May, when my posse was headed down to Fishers for the bach. party, i had a really odd pain in my right wrist. as time has gone on, it only got worse. in the mornings it is terrible and then by noon after it has loosened up it goes away for the most part. it is a real limiting pain. you can pick something up that weighs 90 pounds and if you do it in the right directions, no problem. if you pick up a pencil...AHHHHHHH! so yes, it is dumb. i was rally concered with drumming for the rest of my life. using the computer, i really wasn't to concerned about. when the doctor brought it out to me he said, okay, you are going to feel like "the Fonz" for a week doing everything thumbs up. i giggled, like a school girl. next topic. internet explorer 7. at the house, i just got us reconnected to the information super highway. while i was updating the laptop, i see that Explorer 7 is out. so i waited till i got to work to add it there to see how i like. i like. good stuff. i love the tabs. i tend to have to many ppages open at a time so the tabs are a good thing. all "yeah" for tabs. "yeah!". this weekend. hmmm, i don't think that i have a lot to say here. it's a wedding for my chum Roberto Concerto Fernando Gonzalez Smith-Lastinger and his fiancee Stacy Kenaga(y). good people, i wish them all the best. Next topic....running. well ihavn't done much but i am still going Saturday. 3.2 miles i think. Rob doesn't think that he can make it know due to injury but hopefully he can. i think i got everything. later all.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

bach party, life, fatherhood

Hello all. things are moving right along. one week from today, i will be a father again. very excited. i am sure more so than Layla is. probably not as much as Elizabeth is to be done with this. all in all, things there are doing well. now at the opposite end of that, E.'s step mother is not doing well in the hospitol but we keep praying and she is hanging in there.

last weekend was Rob's bachelor party. we had a great time. 9 of us went golfing in the morning at a long playing course in Fisher's right by Rob's house. very fun. we then played 4 rounds of Beer Pong which i am proud to say that my partner, Curt McD and i took home the championship with a 4 game sweep of all competition. Jeff and i were partnered up and shot an exhasting 84, which is still way better than if we would have tried on our own. we then went to the Ram and ate. Stacy bought the table a round of the beer sampler which was super cool. thank you Stacy. we also had 3 beer towers which are like mini taps that hold like 90 oz. so we all shared those. it was good to see some people that i havn't seen in years. i havn't seen Robb Dure since he got me in trouble getting me drunk 10 years ago, i ahvn't seen Grant since...well i don't know, but i probably got in trouble for that too! it was good to meet some new people and meet some of Rob's co-workers. Nick is insane. He's just sayin'. thats all i am sayin'. all in all, things went very well. Band life continues. here we go. we are officially up to 4 singing canidates. 1 is a girl and we havn't followed up with her at all. of the 3 guy's 1 is new to the talks and only 1 has picked up his 20 song CD. the last one is the one that i was originally rooting for because he is a singer and guitar player. i don't kow if any one has hunted him down or not. the new one sounds like a good option from what i am hearing. it just dawned on me that i still haven't gotten a picture up of Penny, the new snare drum. i have used her in practice that last couple times. still very impressed. well i need to do something and get this posted, so i will catch ya'll later.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

band update

here is a cool shot of Shawn doing a solo during Rebel Yell. We will be auditioning 2 new singers in the next 2 weeks. One is a singer / guitarist and the other is a singer only. Shawn knows both of them so it is just a matter of getting together and trying them out. Shawn and Brian will test them and then after they make their decision, i will come in for the final audition and we will go out from there. i am really pulling for the combo man rather than the singer only. from what i am hearing, the combo man is the better singer anyways, but we will have to see. maybe i will need to edit this is the other guy pans out. obviously there is nothing scheduled so we have some time to work with. the time off will be good with Marley coming on the 22nd. Rob's bachelor party is this weekend and right now the weather is calling t-storms so that could dampen the golf experience. hope everyone is good. i just played my last time a Granger church for a while. decided that 1 band was enough with a new baby and this new one could be a money maker, so i felt it was the best decision. i will miss the GCC time, but i hope to get back there again. what else, oh i havn't run in like a week and the Sunburst is closing in, maybe i will get crackin' soon. later