Thursday, October 25, 2007

not much to report

Hey there. well the good news on the paint is that i was right. they picked up material today, i will get it back tomorrow.

Game 1 of the World Series was great. a 13-1 schallaking of Colorado. Go BoSox. Georgia plays this weekend against Florida. should be a tricky game. this game is always at a neutral site in Jacksonville, FL. it is known as the "Worlds Largest Cocktail Pary". this was one of the games that Trevor and i wanted to go to this year. Maybe next year we will get a road trip in. i know Elizabeth is reading this now shaking her head no. Daddy loves you.

No real news to report after that. these pics are a couple that i found on the ever dangerous Ebay. it really is best if i never look on there. to many things to find. i found this snare. i like the paint job. not a big fan of Pearl snares. have yet to find one that i thought made a great sound. Also found this old kit. 1968 Rogers. i love Champagne Sparkle kits. they just look so nice for a jazz band.

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Jeff Kamp said...

Go Gators!!!