Friday, March 30, 2007

The last box arrived for the snare!!!!!!

Well I got home and there was a sexy little package with my name on it. I opened it up and the first thing I saw…REMO 13” POWERSTROKE 3 head. WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!? I was steaming. I rip that out of the box (thinking, “Man, that was light”) and see an Evans box for a 14” Hazy 300 snare side (that’s right) and then a Evans head but it’s not in a box. Just a loose head that says Power Center Rev. Dot (that’s right) so I checked the REMO box…empty. Just filler. I also got my hoops, double checking that they are 14” but 8 lug not 10 and they were right. I see that they sent me all 16 tension rods and I had forgotten but I got an air hole that actually works! Woooo hoooo! i did take 2 plyers to see about opening the old airhole up and i got it. it is not cross threaded, just bad machine job. i could probably tap and drill again and clean out the grooves but the pliers didn't really damage anything so i think that if i put them on the Pearl kick drum, that will work fine. that evening i started to sand the snare shell. i got it just about completely smooth. there are a couple areas that i need to hit again and then i can start to wet sand this weekend. i will start with 600 wet and love to assemble it this weekend but i don't know that it will go that smooth or that i will have that much time or arm strength to get all done. the one last thing that i have to work on is the badge. Jeff was in to my work today to drop off something actually WORK RELATED and then we got to business. i showed him the stuff that Rob designed that is very cool. some great ideas. i will finish the snare and just add these whenever i get around to them. well i think that is it for now. hope everyone has a good weekend. till next time.........

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