Monday, March 26, 2007

Thee order hath been placed. 2 hoops, Evans G1 Power Center Reverse Dot head, 1 Evans Hazy 300 snare side head, 16 1-3/8" tension rods and they are sending me a new 1/2 air holes at no charge. i do not have to send the other one back so i might see if i can get it into my Pearl kick to make it look nicer again. after i tore off the old red covers, i never put airholes back in so this would be nice to have. if not, no biggie. it can live another 14 years with out an air hole. the specks that you see in the picture are metal fleck. not dust. please click on the picture for a larger view. she is very nice. mind you, this has not been sanded yet. my best recolection it is 10 coats of paint, and 15 coats of clear.
Okay, the picture here is just to post a good color pic of the Green Giant's 13" tom. These are not museum condition but i love these things. i got 20 minutes to play on saturday and remembered quickly why i bought them. i do need to detune the 13" for my liking but i have it set up for a very jazzy kit. it is very clear and really rings. the pearls however, well, they need love. As you can see the velvetis coming off of the shell. now it has always had a little bit of that, but after may gigs and sitting in very humid rooms for long periods of time, it has only gotten worse. For only the price of 7500 cups of coffee, you too could adopt this kit. it would send you letters and show you exclusive pictures of the new kit that would be replaceing it. Don't let this kit die. Wood. it lives. it breathes. it loves.

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