Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A very overdue post.

Well, i know that this post should have been up a bit ago but the drum has overwhelmed me so here it is. KIDS, DON'T GO TO DUKE. CHEATERS DON'T WIN. There you have it. Sure, Tyler Hansbrough is a little goofy to watch get overly excited and his dad is definatly a little soft in the loafers, but they bleed blue. Either way, Duke got beat twice to my Tar Heels. That is the bottom line. Coach K, good guy, i think that he will become the all time winningest coach in Div. 1 ball, but he could have done it at a better school. UNC in 2007. Bring on the brackets!

Next, i had band practice last night. As some of you know, there are talks of "is this singer getting the job done?" and last night he did well, with no notice. he came prepared. he still massacred Dance, Dance, but that was his one negative lst night. he left at 10:30 and then Shawn and Brian and I played. and played. and played. i got home at 12:30 (and i get up at 5:50) FEELING GOOD!!!!!!!zzzzzzzzz. anyhoo, when we just atarted messing around, it was some of the most impressive guitar playing that i have even been apart of, sorry Jeff, this kid will dazzle you too. i would say a song, "Little Wing" and he would take of on it. i never came up with a song he didn't at least get it 70%. amazing. the band is still working out bugs but i am to make Shawn a CD today of blues songs and we are going to work on that. Until later (go Heels)

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