Monday, April 02, 2007

The weekend...

Well, to start off, i feel like poo. i am a winey sick man. anywho... E. had to work Saturday and mom and dad took Layla so i ran over to Doug's. this always ends good. so i get there. we dial in a variation of his Gretsch's. the normal 20x20 kick and then the 8", 10" and 12" toms. yes... a 12" as a floor but it is hanging. it was great sounding. we messed around and he listened to a CD that i brought him, the John Mayer Trio. he liked it so much, he had to stop listening. yep. it's that good. then as we are talking and i was getting a couple small parts, snare wire strings, etc. i notice a couple shells that i was asking about. i saw one shell that just looked cool. yes. the shell came home with me as mine. to the best of my research, it is a 1956-1959 Slingerland Concert Hall snare. 8x15! the finish is a unbelievable Gold Sparkle. the real glass type. it is a powerful finish. this snare needs love. one of the reinforcement hoops is loose so i need to glue and clamp that. it has 8 lugs so i need another 8. i already have a 15" hoop so i do need to get a 15" snare hoops. Doug still wanted the strainer and butt plate. they were pretty rusty so i figured i would fix them up for him since he is always so good to me. the shell is a beautiful mahogany. it woul dbe a fairly cheap snare to get up and running. it has such a nice finish that if i never did anything, it will be a wall piece. i will get picks up ASAP. This is what it would look like aside from color and depth. add another 1.5" in between lugs and think gold sparkle.

I had band practice Sunday, and that went great. we are to hear this week about opening for Blammo at Gubi's on the 21st of April. man i hope we get to. we get really rocking. we get really loud to. i thought that Blank Slate got loud. this is a loud band. well, until next time. ohhhhh!!!!!!
Wet sanding....i did. and did. and did. then i was tired so i stopped. it looks really good. it needs more but with this cold rocking my world, the fumes won. i will get to it. i don't have practice again until the 9th so i would like to have it done by then. Now...later!

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