Monday, March 26, 2007

New day, new post.

Hello all. Good weekends were had at the Kattau household. Saturday E. and i ditched the kid and went to South Bend to do a little shopping. Picked up a Primus DVD (interesting, but not what i was looking for. 2 stars) and another Jonny Lang CD, still impressive stuff, 3.5 stars. Went a couple other places, but no great things happened. That evening E. and i met Bronson and his mad scientist girlfriend for dinner at Olive Garden (the Steak Gorganzolla Alfredo is just wonderful) and then we went to go see Wild Hogs. Good movie. not GREAT but good entertainment.

Sunday i picked up Layla and we got to play outside. she loves it out and i couldn't be happier....except i really get tired of pushing a swing, however, i know one day i will really miss pushing a swing so i have to tell myself to take it while i can get it. Then Layla and i were out for a bike ride, which last year she didn't really like, but this year we did about 5 miles and she was mad when we were headed home. Rob was coming over so he joined us (again, at the swing) and he got to see the new snare shell in the light of the sun. after he left and the family ate lunch, i took each drum out in to the sun and took digital photos. as you can see on the sidebar that i loaded each of them. i am missing a couple. my Hand Hammered steel pearl shell is missing cause it is still at practice, i will get that this week and for some reason this pctured Luwig 1960-63 10x14 snare wouldn't load. but it will in this page. i also took a picture of both of my 13" toms from both kits. i will get those up shortly. the above snare is the best candidate for a makeover. i am still planning on finishing the Brass one which should be done by the end of April. i will place my last order today and i need to get one piece replaced. the air hole they sent to me, looks great but Rob discovered that it won't unscrew so it must be cross threaded. good eye Robbie! Well i think that is it for now. i will be back later today after i get things ordered.

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