Thursday, March 08, 2007

Me vs. Paint, Round 2

Well, we went to paint today and it looks the same. I sanded last night with 1000 grit. got a lot of the orange peel out of it and really did a pretty good job getting it flat. i will sand tonight and start dusting tomorrow. i still need to figure out what i will do for my clear coat. i would rather use automotive but i hate to ask someone that i barly know to do it, plus, he won't use as much as i will. i just don't know if i trust the Krylon to be heavy duty enough but it looked really good on the sample pieces that i shot. this has gone very fast compared to my first snare. i think that i am a little more confident in my sanding technique and that is a big difference. i found a great heavy spounge to use as a backer and that is all the difference. i really cleaned off some problem area's. if i had all the choices in the world, i would make Rob sand it. sander professional. that is an A1 sandman. oh well, this has been fun and i like keeping track of it's progress. Thats all for today. B.

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Jeff Kamp said...

how does the sparkle that something that will come out more once clear coated??? cna't tell from pics.