Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11.

this is my generations JFK or Pearl Harbor. so i am curious...where were you? what were you doing? I had just been handed my 3 day suspension from Hi-Tech Housing. to this day, i don't think that i ever told my parents about that. Eventually it made me decide to leave there and end up here at Kropf. i had writtten something on a print. nothing naughty just a joke and the Print Checker and my Engineering Manager told me to leave it because it was funny so i did. we assumed that the salesman would see it. well.....he never looked at the print and it got to the dealer and luckly he caught it. i was the only one that got in any trouble and there was a lot of drama about it. Either way, i got to sit home for 3 days and watch the news. i will always remember it happening.


Stacy said...

I was getting ready to go to class at Purdue. I had just gotten out of the shower and they were covering the first tower being struck. I called my mom at work to tell her about it, to tell her to find a TV or radio or something...at this point they still didn't know it was an attack. As I was talking to her, the second plane hit. I was dumbfounded! All at once we all knew something VERY bad was happening and what would happen next? I think I was still in a daze because I actually finished getting ready and went to all of my classes. I had a huge project due in my last class, and I guess I thought that I really had to be there. I've never seen campus so empty other than summer. And it was so eerily quiet...it added to the 'unknown' of the environment. As I was sitting in my sign language class another student came in and said 'the Pentagon was just hit'. Our class was cut short because we all were distracted. I went next door to the building where I worked, I knew they had a TV in their breakroom. As I was watching in there someone commented on a plane crashing in Pennsylvania too. THAT freaked me out...I have family there AND I knew that my step-dad Bob was traveling and was in PA too. I asked where and they didn't know. I went to the office and asked if I could call long distance (I don't think I had a cell phone yet...I think that was the turning point to get one) and called my mom. She'd know if anyone was affected. I couldn't help it, tears were falling, mom said everyone was OK, she's talked to them all. Couldn't help it...tears kept falling. (Holy moly, I'm tearing up now writing about it!!!) I walked to PMO (the music office, etc.) and went to the office, Jayne saw me and just handed me a kleenex box. Didn't ask questions, just waited for me to say something. I told her everyone was OK, I just couldn't stop. I went outside to where a few PMO students were sitting on the steps and got hugs and nice things said. One them's sister was a flight attendant, but she was ok too. We just sat there with arms around each other in the silence...Purdue has the airport and usually planes are overhead ALL the time. That's what made it sort of spooky. Anyway, I went to my last class...they let us go early too and I just went home and watched the news. I know I took some small breaks from it because it was just too much to take in. PMO organized a tribute very quickly. The Friday before the concert we were to have rehearsal as usual, but a bomb threat had been called into the admin building which Elliott Hall of Music is connected to so we couldn't go in. Well, it wasn't going to stop us. We rehearsed outside and drew quite a crowd and also some applause. It really was a great feeling, all these students, teachers, workers, pausing to listen to the patriotic music and supporting us. That was one of our best singing days.

Jeff Kamp said...

Well I didn't know about it until several hours after it happened. I was in Las Vegas with Brad. We had turned on the news and saw all of the destruction. We knew something bad had happened but it seem to take forever for the newsperson to say. LV basically shut down. No rentals, no shows, all the signs said God Bless the US. LV became a ghost town...we eventually had to be picked up and we drove 33 hours home. I will never forget where I was on that day. It was truely a unique experience. I remember that night when the President came on the whole casino stopped what it was doing and watched. If you've never been to a casino before, that just doesn't happen.