Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy Monday!

good day. hope everyone had a pleasant weekend. let's get started. the Bulldog's of Georgia were defeated by the Cock's of South Carolina. Tragic. the game was a little flat looking. a couple big plays but other than a great 50 yard run by the freshmen wonder, nada! so, that was sad. last night was the MTV VMA's. now i havn't watched these in the last couple years. i can't say that even as a seasoned rocker, i even watch MTV anymore because no, i don't want to watch the Hills, or Real World 734 Middlebury, IN or Pimp by Bike or Making the Band 47. i knew the the Foo's were going to be on and if Elizabeth wouldn't have had it on, i never would have thought of it. however, there it was. a couple note. Kudo's to Justin Timberlake to "challenge MTV to play more video's". enough said. Kanye West, don't cry because you didn't win anything again this year (i guess he was shutout last year also) in a world with thousands of crappy bands, there are thosands that are really good. you may be great, but there is apparently someone greater. i bet your mother plays all your records. isn't family more important than your work. Rihanna, i like your little "umbrella" song. sure i feel weird saying it outloud, but so be it. daddy like. next, Britney, wow, sorry. that was bad. it appeared to be a sweatin' to the oldie's work out video. not pretty. at all. seriously. add a caption to that picture i put up and have her screaming "AHHHH! MY KNEE!!!" it makes it a lot funnier. but anyways, it was bad. wow, sorry. wow. witch is a direct link to next being Sarah Silverman, you are terrible. in a wow, you are as bad as Britney was but all you had to do was talk. this is MTV, not Disney, but have some class. there are plenty of kids that watch this. to crude for regular old cable. ohward...Tommy Lee and Kid Rock, your funny. Kid Rock you actually have talent, do something with it. Tommy Lee, well, umm... next! all the little sub parties, that is very odd. so you pay money to go to the VMA's, and you don't see a live band (sure there was a DJ and 2 or 3 live songs, but come on) the Foo's didn't play at the big show, they had a little sub party. the one good thing of said "subparty" is that today, you could watch the whole show they did. fairly cool. next topic, September 25. clear your calendars. NEW PEARL JAM DVD AND NEW FOO FIGHTERS CD. can you ask for anything more (do not say Toyota) next, i purchased new running shoe's today. grand total, 79.98, and i had a gift card from last X-mas from work with 80.29 still on it. yaaaa whoooo! it NEVER work's out that well. big day for me. New Asics Nimbus VIII. now, i need to start running again. after Marley was born, i didn't do anything and now it has been what seems like forever. Next September Roger and Rick (2 guy's i work with) are wanting the 3 of us to do a marathon together. i think that it would be so cool to do and to know others going is probably the only way i could do it. so, in conclusion, Georgia losing, bad. MTV, terrible, Pearl Jam and Foo, great, running, soon. oh and by the way, i really should talk more about them, the family is great. Marley is growing like it is going out of style. i think that the thing that i like the most is how much Layla loves her little sister and how Marley just watches her. she is smiles all the time and really a very good baby. Elizabeth is good too, she is back to work which is really like she never left, just a couple new faces.


Stacy said...

I just love reading your updates. Seriously, always worth it to me. we go...sorry 'bout the least the Colts won! (any consolation?) VMA's...yea...WOW is about all you can say about that isn't it? I didn't even see it live...just recaps and it was pretty painful to watch. It's not even funny anymore...just sad. BUT I will disagree with several comments I've seen...Brittany is still by NO means FAT! Seriously, I'd love a body like that, especially after 2 kids! So take your flabby comments and STICK IT! Pearl Jam and Foo...wonderful. I want new shoes. Actually I think tomorrow will be the first day back at the gym in a VERY long time...something has to be done. You go wich yo BAD self!
I think that covers it! Sweet!

brent said...

i don't think that she looked that bad, it was more of how she moved. NOW, being a professional dancer, you can see why i can critique. she looked very uncomfortable. the sweatin to the oldies comment wasn't a weight issue (i will say that she's not a small as she used to be, but i wasn't that torn up about that) but more of a look that she could barley touch her toes. i think that puts us in agreance.

Stacy said...

Oh I wasn't referring to YOU making the fat comments...I didn't think you were. I was just over hearing it from the TV & radio! :)

We ARE in agreeance!