Tuesday, September 04, 2007

After a nice long weekend, hello

Hello all. hope everyone had a great long vacation / weekend. once again want to state how jealous i am of Stacy's worldly following. if you havn't click on my sitemeter and see where my people are coming from. thwn click on hers. INSANE. oh to have such the fan base. we know it's not all family cause they are all amish. she even has an electric cripple and she is globally great. you keep going with your bad self. i need more global topics. speaking of, this is a picture of Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters. Globally, great band. this is actually an old pic from when he and Dave Grohl were on the Craig Kilborn Show. Craig Kilborn, globally great. it is a shame that he left. i don't like his replacement. i really don't like Conan O'Brian. Letterman is globally great. other news, i feel that the tendonitis is slowly creeping back into my wrist. last time the tedonitis hampered me it was resolved by a wicked good dose of Cortizone. that was in mid June (thank you to blogger for being my diary so i can tell the global public when my wrist was ouchy) i know that the next option is probably another shot unless he feels this is long term problem again and i might as well get the surgery but i will ice this and do the brace again on my own and that might help slow it down. that was a big help last time. on the drums front, i reheaded my Gretsch (thats not dirty if your wondering) i have been looking at my snare collection noticing that i wish i had a great metal snare. i have a couple snares that i would love to trade in on one good snare, but as with most things (and what my dad does and it drives me crazy, i have to look around for 6 years and then do something) so i will probably end up doing nothing soon. it would be easier to do somethin if i was playing out. hopefully the Jazz thing will get together soon. it would be small commitment and low in the line of gigs but at least i would be doing something. i think that the gig's would be more weekdays than ends. more global topics, i am getting excited about my Vegas trip with Jeff again in January. this will be his 10th trip and my second. i have no real gambling fetishes, but the town is so neat to see. they live in a totally different style. nothing can be compared to our living style. here at 4 am, it feels like........4 am. in Vegas, at 4 am you are wondering when lunch is. i look forward to taking Elizabeth some time. for some reason i would like to say that i hope that Owen Wilson gets healthy. not just due to his global greatness and fine acting skills. Yes Wedding Crashers is a wonderful movie. i can not dispute this. he just seems like one of those cool guys that would be fun to hang out with. i'm sure he will be calling anytime now. that was nice of me to say. i think that globally, people will see how nice i am. well, off for now to get the girlies. bye all.


Stacy said...

I can't help it if I'm popular. No really, I'm not doing anything special...I have no idea where they're coming from! And you're linked from my site! I'm trying to hook a brotha up!
(Oh and thanks for the Amish plug...good memory on the dude with the electro chair! I believe his name is Devon...that's Dee-VAHN...I don't know I had to ask my mom!)
Thanx for the luv!

Jeff Kamp said...

Jazz will happen. No one reads my blog. Vegas Rocks. Tendenitossss sucks. Stacy's blogs are interesting. Have a nice day.