Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Okay, real post this time. Bands, what a pain!!!!!

First off, non band related, i do need to remind everyone that the Bulldogs have a big game coming up. the No. 22 Dawgs are playing the No. 16 Crimson Tide of 'Bama. lets all take a moment to pray for victory against these horrible people. Thank you.

Now, on to my real issue. why is it so stinking tricky to get a band together that works. i have realized that i have been in bands now for 11 years. now, to say that these were up and functioning, gigging bands, NO. however, i have been involved in very good professional PRACTICING bands for 11 years. My most successful band was the joint venture of myself and Jeff Kamp. we brought in our long lost friend Brad Olson, to on the spot learn bass. when it all started, i was the lead singer also. we later added another friend Ryan Hall. we played out one time at our friend (do you see a pattern here) Joe Wagoner's bus barn. this was (at the time) considered a huge thing by our standards. we might have had 20 people there. including 2 future members of the band. Ryan left us and we started rocking with a friend of a friend named Brandon.

By this time we had grown out of my parents basement and moved to Jeff's parents often flooded basement. Brandon moved on after sitting in at one gig even though he was already one foot out the door in Bristol. Brandond brought a freedom to the band. not quite so stiff like in our playing. things got a little looser. He left permanatly because of his parents family business needing him and we somehow met another guy (and i have no idea how) named Tom, who kind of altered the way we rocked again. Brad had left a while before that so we were lacking in the members category badly. we needed anyone. Tom made us a mutch more steady rocking band. by now we had started practicing at KampCo Steel Products (they are your supplier, not your competitor) so as we were starting to make headway with Tom, he up and split for another band. that one hurt. he left us fairly quickly but i thought that he was going to be big part of us. oh well. the only problem we had now was no bass player and no singer.

well Jeff and Rob worked it out and Rob joined us 30 days before we played our first house party. things went great and we rocked together for quite a while with Jesse at the helm singing for us. things worked and we played a good amount of gigs. Harrison Landing probably 8 times, Daisey Mea's 3 times, Gubi's, Big Daddy's, the Road Runner and multiple sit in's with the Groovy Goulies at Mr. G's, Sports Page and Hacienda. Our final outting was at Maple City bowl, which was probably the most fun i ever had at a gig.
After Layla was born i didn't do much and then through Doug Lim, i was introduced to the last round of bands. i think that i have been blogging enough that you all know how well that has gone. We did open for Blammo at Gubi's and then fired the singer and that ended up killing the whole band.
NOW, here is where i am at. Why is it that you can't just get a couple guy's together, say "hey man" (you have to say things like this to be cool) "lets just be serious about this and play in a band. i'm not expecting to move to LA or anything, i just want t play in a band that every now and then can make a little coin. i can do whatever. Jazz, Blues, Rock, Country (please don't be country) but lets just cut the crap and play.
At this point, i am still looking for that. applicants please apply below.

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