Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pleased to announce....

July 30, 2007 Gretsch Welcomes Taylor Hawkins Gretsch is proud to welcome Taylor Hawkins to the roster! For more information on Taylor and the Foo Fighters, please go to http://www.foofighters.com/.

i know this is life changing. man i am happy. and you would think, hey who gives a rip. some doppy drummer plays some stinkin drums. big whoop. well, this is the dumbest thing that has ever brightened my day. my favorite drummer, my favorite drums. hand in hand. dreamy. i realize that i am risking losing subscribers because of this crappy blog entry, but it is a risk i am willing to take. i need to go take a cold shower. BRB
By the way, this is a high school picture of him. i don't know why i posted it, it just was the first pic i found when i googled his name and so reap the benifits of my Googling. i will have a better entry later. sorry again. i am a stalker.

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