Thursday, September 13, 2007

Running and Rocking

i have good news. LED ZEPPELIN IS GETTING BACK TOGETHER!!!!! (for one show). i find this to be just delightful news. i do wish that they wouldn't have chosen Jason Bonham to do the drumming. Instead i wish they woyuld have gone with Zac Starkey. both guys have famous dads.Jason is the son of Drum God John "Bonzo" Bonham. Jason made a name for himself by using, well, his name. He understands, like all drummers, that his dad was the king of Rock and Roll drumming. not to say that hJason can't do just fine for himself, i just think more of Zac Starkey because he didn't advertise it. Zac is the son of Richard Starkey Jr., aka Ringo Starr. now i enjoy the Beatles. i worship Led Zeppelin. Love John, don't really care for Jason. Dispise Ringo, really impressed by Zac. see what i did there? went the opposite way you would think i would go. Zac has been playing with the Who, taking over Keith Moon's chair after he died and a handful of others didn't make the cut. he seems to understand how to play the song that the original member played, but make it his own more modern interpretation, yet keep the form. i know it sounds dumb, but you'll just have to trust me. Jason just seems to bash through everything. well i think that is about all i have to say about that.

Now, running. last night i went out again. i think that just buying shoes that i don't have in my hands yet has sparked me to get out again. i went 2.3 miles last night doing a 3 minute walk and a 4 minute run back and forth. one thing that i have noticed and wanted to do at the same time is pick up my pace. i was really jogging when i had been out my previous months before Marley. i had been hoping not to be quite so slow and the last 2 nights that i had been out, i have been happy with my pace. after 2.3 miles, 26.2 seems like, well, a lot. and yet, i look forward to it. i also look forward to my shoes arriving. finally Dick's Sporting Goods has posted that they are shipped out. i hope to have them for the weekend. we'll see how it goes. Now these are the not the shoes that i ordered, but i must say that i have a fasination with hideous looking shoes. should i have been so lucky to locate these monsters. maybe next time.

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Stacy said...

Wow, those shoes are, uh...something!