Tuesday, April 29, 2008

To catch everyone up...

Over the weekend, E and i went to a few more open houses. we got to go in a house that was on our list of "we kind of want to see it but not a HAVE TO SEE it house". it was NOT good. it is on the main drag in Pinecrest. we will not be buying it. we did have another showing on Friday. i picked up the girls and we met for dinner at Between the Buns. we happened to run into E.'s dad and sister and her family. it was cute. big happy family. then Saturday was the big Garage Sale. we got rid of a ton of stuff and made pretty good money. that night we met at E's sisters again and did pizza from Antonio's. good times. As far as the results of the showing. we are told that it went very well but that the couple is just starting to look. that same realtor said that she has another client that has been on vacation that she thinks would really like the place so that i a plus. also a guy that Elizabeth works with has a friend who he thinks would be interested. it would be great if he didn't have a realtor and we sent him to Micki. that would cut our commision to her even more. so it feels like things are still moving well. Yahoo....

Last night E and i went up (finally) to see Jami Kamp. she has been in the hospital for 19 days now. all for a tummy ache, which led to gall bladder removal leading to pancreitis. she has a feeding tube and got to eat yesterday for the first time.......DIET JELLO. blah. pass. no thanks. She seems to be hanging in there. it is a little absurd that it took us 18 days to get up there but with home showings and all the other stuff going on, i was glad that we at least finally made it up. Jeff's parents and Jami's mom were all up there. Jeff arrived a bit later because he had a final to take.

Today was our in office health checks. you get to do it for free. just a rough evaluation of your health. i, being a normal male, need these since i don't see a doctor regularly. last year wasn't horrid but they had to take my blood pressure twice and it was still bad. shortly after that i had to go in for a cold or something and it was fine so it must have been that day. well the results are in....





RATIO (<4.1...5.8

GLUCOSE (SUGAR) (<110...102

BLOOD PRESSURE (120/80 OR LESS...112/64

BODY MASS INDEX (18.5-24.9...28.6

BODY FAT (19% OR LESS...22%

So the verdict is in. I'm not dying, but I'm chubby. I tipped the scales at a hefty 231 clothed and reached 6'-3" on the height meter. Her only recommendation was that i should take 1,000 to 2,000 of fish oil a day. Fish oil. Crazy. If i am alergic to shell fish, is this going to kill me? i don't know...i forgot to ask. hmmmm......

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Stacy said...

That's funny, as I was looking at your HDL I was thinking "he should take Fish Oil". Both Rob & I do. But then I did wonder about the shellfish thing...it should say on the bottle.
Well...me being me...I Googled it.
Check these out:


It looks like as long as it doesn't contain the fish PROTEINS you're okay.
Did you know that Glucosamine-Chondroitin can contain shellfish?
I didn't.