Thursday, April 03, 2008

Jazzy goodness

What up! i called Jeff yesterday to try to figure out what is happening with the new band. Andre, Jeff and i got together once about a month ago now i guess and had a very good first practice. we were heading in the direction of doing a Blue's band and things clicked very well for a first time meeting. i think that everyone was a little nervous. Jeff and I hoping not to scare away Andre because he is so good and we are.....well anyways, i was also a little hesitant because i have young kids and i knew that Jacob was upstairs at Jeff's sleeping so i was a little gun shy just to go crazy drumming. either way he woke up but i guess it was expected. so the reason for my call yesterday was to see if we could all get together Sunday and have a jam. Turns out that Andre had other things going so we are hoping for the weekend after that. i am good so we just need to get confirmation from the other 2. Jeff and i saw that jazz band a week ago and we got talking about our struggles with finding a lead man, so when i called Andre after work, to find out his schedule, he was all for doing a jazz trio until something came up. nice thing is that we won't need a singer to count on. Andre is a disturbingly good bass man. Jeff has crazy good Jazz sax skills and i have really big feet. i know that doesn't have anything to do with anything, but i wanted to fit in. so our intention is.......Not forget the blues. i still think that it is more marketable, however, in the meantime, try to get out playing doing a jazz trio. what better way to network yourself than someone else come up to you and want to join in with you. Jeff and i were talking and it sounds like Andre has a ton of great recording equipment so that is another nice advantage that we could get a press kit or at least demo CD together at no cost. Jeff also has a bundle of items for recording so we are covered in many situations there. Gotta run. see ya later.

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