Friday, April 25, 2008


Yesterday we got word that on Friday evening we had another showing at our house. it is tonight at 6. Elizabeth happened to run into our neighbors and he mentioned St. Joesph. when i got home, i ate and then went out to mow. when i got to the front yard, Mark stopped me and handed me a small 3" tall St. Joseph. so we did our research. rumor has it that you are to bury him in the backyard, upside down, facing the house and this will bring you a buyer to your residence. then upon selling the home, you are to dig him up (try to remember where you buried him) and place him in a very visible location. THIS IS ALL CRAZY, however, what do we have to lose. So upon finishing my lawn, i went to the back yard, i put him in a zip lock bag (snack size) which was recommended to me by our neighbor, and dug up a spot where i stuck him in the ground upside down, facing the house. Mark said that his mother had luck with it and did ceramics and porcelain's and said that she started making them. she gave one to Mark's sister and it was successful for her and he had luck with one also. he seems to have taken the lot of St. Josephs so he gave us a porcelain one. Why the heck not. Today the house will be in the Homes and Land book so lets hope it works.

we did find out the our "safety net" house on Southfield went off the market. the people that were selling it got moved to Texas mid February have now decided to rent it out. i don't see this is a bad thing because unless they have someone in mind, i think that we could still contact them and maybe make an offer. renting isn't all it's cracked up to be. Bronson used to rent and it was nightmare-ish. who knows. can't get to attached to these properties until we sell ours.

this Saturday we have the big garage sale in E.'s dads subdivision. let make some bucks! we got plenty to choose from. we hope that goes well.

Also i talked to Jeff this morning. Jamie is still in the hospital. sounds like she may be in for a bit longer. she has good days but then she will drop down a notch. the feeding tube is causing problems, but they are saying that she can go home when they see 2 or so good days and she wants to go home because she's ready, not because shes tired of the hospital.

Have a good weekend. lets hope St. Joe does the trick.


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Stacy said...

Saint Joe...the great American hero...Saint Joe is there!

Who cares. GO JOE!

(Do not ask me how I remember the GI Joe theme song, I'm just freaky like that)