Tuesday, April 08, 2008

All the newest stuff going on.

Well we have decided to try to sell the house. We have officially grown bigger than what the house can hold. we also know that this is the most we will ever have. Every month Marley grows out of something that we can now get rid of in a garage sale. We have over a year before Layla would enter kindergarten but we figure we might as well start now. Micki Olson will be selling our house for us. She came over to the house last Wednesday but we wanted to figure some things out first so she comes over again tomorrow. We figure now is the time to buy, so if it's good for us, it's good for someone else. if nothing happens we won't be disappointed. we would like to get back into the Concord district but again, if nothing happens, so be it, the girls will be in Memorials district. we have been looking for houses now for a couple weeks. we aren't' asking for anything major. just something small and quaint like the house above. i bet that's 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. probably not over 1400 sq. ft. it must have a 2 car garage and a little area for the girls to play outside. well see what comes up. Micki brought over 4 houses that sold in the same Bungalow style as ours in the our neighborhood in that last 6 months. the longest one was 161 days. others were 31 days and like 62. one was 0 so that must have been predetermined or just plain wrong. it's kind of fun but we'll see what happens.

Robbie has finished our first snare drum stave shell. Robbie has done all the work really. He has really impressed me with this jig. i know that he was given the idea by another guy but to finish it out can be very challenging.

Above is in the jig to get its outside turned smooth. the router sits on top and you spin the shell to smooth it out.

This above is after the outside is smoothed and preparing for the inside to get turned

This is the shell after the inside has been turned also. We would still need to put on bearing edges and a snare bed but you get the idea. this was again our (his) first one that we did in Red Oak. We already have a stash of Black Walnut, Ash, Red Oak, Ebony, Leopardwood, Cherry and a couple others. we hope to make millions.

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