Monday, April 21, 2008

Oh my has it been a while.......

Welcome back for your newest installment the thing's going's on. Well since our house went up for sale on the market we had 2 showings right off the went up Thursday, made it to the Internet Friday and then had a showing Monday and Tuesday. Monday's showing we never heard a thing about. not that we are looking for feed back, not that it hurts, but we never heard ANYTHING. our neighbors said that it was a younger couple and we did find out that they have been looking in our area. who knows. the second showing, it was just the husband of the family and i guess he really liked it. GREAT so he was bringing his wife back out because she was gone or something. we then we heard later the she liked a house that is about better (even though she never stepped foot in ours) you start taking things personally and you shouldn't but it's hard not to. so you turn bitter. Sunday our house was in the paper and this Friday, in the homes and land magazines, we'll be listed.
Last Tuesday, the same day we had our second showing, Marley got tubes put in. aside from being a little upset when she woke up and a couple rough nights, things seem to be fine. not much to report there. She's stinkin' cute. i guess i can report that. Consider this report done.

Bands....geez! i need to fire my whole band but everyone is in the hospital. i think it was about a week ago Jeff sent out a e-mail saying that Jamie (his wife) was having stomach issues...long story short, She is still in the hospital and at least the length of this week. it is a series of one thing seems to lead to another. this is from Jeff

Last night my wife had severe stomach pains and we went to the E.R. at Elkhart. They gave her meds and it seemed to help. Most likely it was a Gall Bladder attack. Today around noon she ended up having the same pains. Again we went to the E.R. Tonight she had surgery to remove her Gall Bladder and it seems things have gone well. Thanks for the prayers from the people who knew what was going on. For the others please pray for continued healing. Big thanks to all who helped out with Jacob and just were there for support.


It is Saturday night and Jami is not any better. We are still at Elkhart General Hospital. They are going to run some more test tonight to see why she is not recovering. Please keep her in your prayers.


Jami has been diagnosed with pancreitis and has been transferred to critical care. This is mostly so they can monitor her better. Tomorrow they will do a CT Scan to see the severity of the problem.


Sunday Night Update:

Jami has improved very little today. She had a CT Scan this morning. They haven't told is much about that, except for it did show a little fluid that they wanted to keep an eye on. Late afternoon today they put in a PIC Line. Some of you may remember she had one of these when she was so sick with being pregnant with Jacob. This basically is like a direct IV line. This will allow them to draw blood labs without them having to "poke" her every time. She is still not allowed to eat or drink.....actually not even allowed to smell food, as this could cause interruption of the healing process of her pancreatitis. She is supposed to have more lab work done tomorrow morning, hopefully this will show that her critical numbers are going down. As for me I did go to my sisters for lunch today, so I could hang out with Jacob a little bit. Him and I took about an hour and a half nap. I am again staying at the hospital tonight, I am working on homework for school, they have given Jami some sleeping meds tonight as she has been very restless. I will be going to work tomorrow (although I don't know for how long). Jami's mom will be with her for most of the day. Again thanks for the prayers!!!

- Jeff


The result are in:

Jami has the better of the two types of pancreatitis. There is good blood flow in the pancreas. There is a large amount of fluid around the pancrease called a pseudo cyst. This cyst may be pushing on the stomach causing her nausea. For the next 6 weeks Dr. Karageantis wants to watch the cyst and see how much of the cyst the body will absorb itself. After 6 six weeks there are two ways to try and drain the remaining fluid. One choice would be laparoscopic and the other is endoscope. At this time I do not know the differences in the two procedures. Jami’s blood work is improving. She is still not allowed to eat, drink, or smell food allowing the panaceas to completely rest. This may be for the next 5 days. Possibly tomorrow she will be able to have ice chips to help with her thirst. Jami will not be moving out of the critical care area of the hospital yet because she is still classified as critically ill.

Thank-you for your continued prayer support through her illness, we appreciate your strength for which we have needed to rely on. Our God has provided peace for the family as we strive to help Jami with her needs.

And last e-mail...

Wednesday Night Update:

Jami is slowly showing signs of improvement. Her heart rate has come back to almost normal. Her enzymes are returning to normal. She might be moving off of critical care tonight. She still has a long way to go. She has finally started to get some much needed sleep and less pain meds. There is no time frame yet as to when she might be able to come home. I have went home the last two nights to get some sleep. They are still watching the cyst area to see if it has gone down any. We also do not know whether any follow up surgeries will be necessary. It may be six weeks before we know if any surgery will be needed. It still may be two or three days before she can have food or drink. Again thanks for the prayers.

So then after all this ruckus, he sees Andre getting wheeling around in a gown on a wheel chair. Jeff said that he had gone in for a physical and that he had some heart rhythms that were off tempo (i have no idea) So i think that i can plan on taking a little time off band stuff for a while. i have seen the next drum product that i have interest in. i know that i have a lot of drum stuff but this is the kind of thing that i could eliminate some stands and product. it is an ingenious idea by Gibraltar Hardware. there are 2 versions, with all the hardware or complete and add nothing. the wise decision is to get the full piece and then sell the 3 stands that it would replace.

Thanks for reading. Tonight i think that we look at 2 more houses. we have 3 on the "Like List" and plenty that you could turn around just about as soon as you step foot in them. If nothing else, it has been a good experience to figure out what all is involved in selling a home. it's also nice that we are cleaning out like crazy for a garage sale this coming weekend. COME ON BIG BUCKS!!!! see ya, B.

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