Tuesday, July 24, 2007

trying to see how to do this.

hello all. i am doing 2 things. figureing out how to post a youtube video and at the same time, show you a youtube video. it is a John Mayer song called Come Back to Bed. this is a song that i just found that i have had for awhile and never paid any attention to it. great song. live version. gets heavy. later. either way, just click the box and i hope it will shot you to youtube.



Stacy said...

Picture of it doesn't come through, at least for me, it's the box with the red X in it. BUT if I click on the not working picture, it DOES take me to the site and plays the video.
Just so you know!

Craig said...


Jeff Kamp said...

Awesome vid. Why is it that when there is awesome solo the guitarist has to be making these ugly facial expressions. Is it required...do I need to work on this....they just look like they're in horrible pain.....I need a mirror......forget scales and theory sell it with the face!!!