Monday, July 02, 2007

a rare sighting, baby sleeping.

Here is Marley, 6 weeks tomorrow, in a rare state of slumber. this was after she finally fell asleep on my chest, waited like an hour, and slide her off to the side so i could get up (and get some cookies) she is a good kid normally. we've only grounded her a couple of times. Her sister still really likes her a LOT, however Marley still hasn't gone after any of her toy's so i'll let you know when that love changes. in the world of Bandland, here are the new developments... the blue velvet has been slowly falling off of the Pearls for some time. i posted about it, we i had practice Sunday so i put them back together for that because i didn't want to take the Gretsch's out so here is the state that they are in currently. Nothing fancy, just wood (and filler). i did put on a new set of heads, the Remo Smooth White Emporers. the jury is still out on if i like them or not. i bought them about 3 years ago and had intended them for a kit i was building (and still havn't touched) so i figured we would at least get some use out of them. they ring for days, but Remo heads use glue so they detune so much, we will keep stretching them and working on them. i'll tell you later what they are worth in a couple weeks. at this point, they won't take the place of my beloved Evans. Talking with Jeff about a gig that he is playing in with people from Granger Community Church, i find that they are having drummer issues and as it worked out, i was able to help. 8 songs, 2 practices, 1 performance and some good music. we are playing at the Rhythems of Grace festival. it isn't a huge deal by any means, but it is nice to have a purpose in your playing. We are doing a couple Jonny Lang songs so i am excited about that. On the regular band front, we auditioned a guy yesterday. i don't know if i ever heard his name. i want to say it was Bill, but i may be full of crap. He was a little older, 37 and a god size fella but very nice. he comes from a band that he is the only guitar player. very technical. i was very impressed when he played "Cult of Personality" and "Are You Gonna Go My Way" overall he would have fit in more with the Blank Slate genre than anything. very good for that. Marshall 100 watt combo (just like Jeff's 65 watt) GNX2 board (just like jeff's GNX3) and a Washburn guitar. i hate Washburn electrics. something about the them, so stereotypical about them, that i don't like. there are a couple guys out there that we are still going to listen to but we'll see how it goes. i really wish Shawn would have worked out. i liked him, his style and his direction that he wanted to go. as far as responsbility, i don't know if he knows what that is. it has been 3 weeks and we havn't been able to get ahold of him to tell him that he is being replaced, but after that long, i would think that he knows. gotta run. have a good holiday


Stacy said...

Marley is the sweetest little thing EVER! How were your cookies?

brent said...

i love peanut butter. WICKED CRAZY GOOD