Monday, July 16, 2007

another weekend down.

Hello all, i hope you had a good weekend. Saturday morning Elizabeth and I went to Mr. Kropf's funeral which was a very nice service. i am glad that we went. they had a moment that people could go up and tell stories or memories of him and i had quite a few but decide not to. i don't think that it was anything that i will regret but i they are funny stories. one would have been told for Bronson who couldn't make it to the funeral. i know he would have gone up and told it. when Bronson first got married, the Kropf's went and gave him a $50 gift card to somewhere like Target. Brons and his wife had a dog and so with the money they bought a leash and other random things. shortly after that was bought, one Sunday morning the newly weds were getting ready for church. Brons was somewhere else in the house and heard his wife scream. he went out front. the dog had run around the porch a couple times and then fallen off the porch and hung itself so we always joked that Mr. Kropf killed his dog and marriage. i know it's a little morbid to laugh at, but if you knew Bronson, we giggle everytime we talk about that. we also would have the story about when Bob was first coming back home. he had to make some changes at the house so he needed us to come over to put there bed at an angle so your head was slightly higher than your feet. well we go over, put some blocks under the feet and the top. Mr. Kropf goes over to the foot of the bed and starts making obvious motions and looks at Dorthy and says, "yeah, i think that will still do." again, maybe some thing not best for a funeral. still funny though. Saturday evening i played at the Rythms of Grace festival with Jeff and a couple other people from Granger Community Church. it was a good outing. we only had 1 full band practice so i think that if this would have been for a large venue, we would have needed a lot more work. was it my best performace, no but considering what we did i think it was fine. i think that we were fairly boring to watch except maybe Mike the bass player. in other music news i am in the process of working on some toms that i have had for about 4 years. i got them from E. about 4 X-mas's ago and at the time intended on buying the remanding shells to do a full kit. well right after i got them, the company, Adonis, that i got them from stopped selling shells only, you had to buy the shell and all the parts together from them, so then they were just a rip off. just last week i looked and they are now officially closed. shocker. i am thinking that i will stain these shells and if i had a gig come up that i wanted to use these, i would just partner them up with my Gretsch kick. they are smaller sized shells. 8x12 and 12x15. the stains that i am looking at and loving the color is the Minwax Poly Shades Bombay Mahogany in a high gloss, but i don't want the one step stain and poly. i have been looking to see who else out there does stains to find that color. the kit posted is from the drummer Steve Ferrone. he is one of my favorite. okay. lego band time. name these bands....

don't be mad at me when you are wrong. i just find the pics.

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