Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Post 46. here goes......

hello all, it's been a little while. hope all had a good 4th vacation. Layla went to Aunt Kendra's and my aunt Paula's to play with her cousin's. she had a great time. she even rode a jet ski driven by her uncle Jason. i am shocked. last year she hated riding in the paddle boat. it probably helped not having mom or dad to cling onto. while i was home i relocated and rebuilt the swingset in the back yard. bigger and better. it is 8 feet tall now. almost a monument. i also had some practicing time on my own to drum which was really nice to have. over the weekend we had the McD's and the Lassy's over for a cookout adventure. good times. brats, dogs, beverages, and laughter (sounds like a Hallmark card) i am happy to say that i got a new cell phone. normal practice of transfering contacs and all wasn't to bad considering i think that i had 162 numbers. i transfered those last night, but just the good ones. not the vendors that i never talk to or have dropped. i would like it also to be known that i have been READING a book. it's about a drummer, Kieth Moon of the Who. not that that is an undoable thing, but i just wanted to let someone know that i can read.
We were told today that Bob Kropf, Don Kropf, our president's dad and Curt Yoder, our other owner's father-in-law died last evening. it was a long fight. Bob was good people. he helped me a lot when i first started purchasing running around getting things and if i needed help getting someone motivavted ont eh phone, he was not afraid to do it.
by the way, the Lego's are of Led Zeppelin. very cool.

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Stacy said...

I always wondered if you were literate