Wednesday, November 01, 2006

THIS FREAKING THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I JUST TYPED THIS WHOLE STINKING THING AND HIT THE SPELLCHECK AND POOF! GONE! BYE BYE! AHHHHHHH! (someone get me some coffee!) okay. now....for what i have heard myself say once already.........Last night was Halloween and we went over to E.'s dad's as tradition because it is his B-day also. No great stories, just beautiful memories. Layla was a pricess (naturally) and Evan was Batman. Reagan was a Ladybug but didn't go trick or treating. On my way over to E.'s dad's my cell went off and it was Eric from the band that i was in for the month that it existed. He was calling to appologize and let me know that it is back on with a complete staff. 4 other guy's that are already in a dn they offered me the drum spot again if i wanted it. Brian is in it again, he's the one that i talked to after we never heard from Eric again. I talked to him today and he feels good about it. I told Eric that i wasn't real happy with him last time and i wanted things to change. I still havn't decided what i will do. I told him that i wouldn't drop the other band that i am in because i did that before and they stuck with me after these guy's fell apart. I don't think that E wants me to do it with another baby coming but extra money at baby time will come in handy. Before it really wasn't a money thing, it was just to get playing again. Now, i think it would be for money more than anything, not that i don't want to keep playing, but i think you understand where i am going with this. still undecided. we'll see how it goes. Later for now. i'll keep you updated.

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