Monday, October 23, 2006

Well, yesterday started the 4th week of running. it has stepped upto running 7 minutes and walking 3 and repeating 3 times. It is nice running in my block because i know when i get to a certain point that i am at a certain time. Helps me keep a pace too. I am still enjoying it. Saturday (what would have been the last day of the 3rd week) was the first time that i skipped a day. i was headed to the Notre Dame game and was not able to get it in the days schedule. It was nice to have the day off but i could feel it in my legs that i hadn't gotten out. It has been a nice wake up in the morning and come into work and have a real runner to talk to about it. My goals are for in the summer to do eith a 5K or 10K. that is 3.2 or 6.4 miles. Right now i feel like the 10K is a great possiblity but i will wait til I get closer to determine that. Roger here has given me a great step forward and told me what 10K that he thought would be good for me. It ends on the field at Notre Dame Stadium. Good stuff. Rob and I went to the UCLA game. we had great tickets. 50 yard line, 10 rows up. It was a long game to watch bad football, but the last series made it all worth while. It may be the first time that I was AT a ND game and they won! This was the second game this year that the home team came from behind and won in under a minute. 47 seconds and Georgia and now 27 seconds and ND. Good year. good times.

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Anonymous said...

Nice shoes!!! This starts week 2 for me. Saturday I started 4 min walk, 2 min run, 5x. I did ok....hopefully will improve this week.