Wednesday, November 08, 2006

just to post a post

Well, i don't have a lot to say. Went for my morning run. that is going well. weighed myself this morning. that was spooky. i will not take the time to tell you but it is a personal high. much higher than i would have ever thought buy 15 lbs. so we will work on that. i voted yesterday. man is that hard to do. which liar and crook do you think will be the lesser of the liars and crooks. i voted straight ticket Republican which i have never done before. i have been doing a lot of drum research lately. i will be putting up a post soon for my feelings as to what i think would be dreamy. if this band takes off and i start seeing $$$$ then i might try to buy 2 kits. one for a cheap traveling kit and one just to stare at. i will post that maybe later today. i would love to sell everything and start all over.just about every purchase i ever made was done with research but not knowledge. i looked and sometimes tryed things but didn't always know why i was buying stuff other than to run myself into debt for a week. i love a lot of my stuff but i would be happier if i would have done stuff with a system. don't buy a crash just to have a crash. what size...where do you want it to fill....blah blah blah type stuff. sorry this hasn't been real meaningful but i will hit you (Jeff) with some fine details later.


Jeff Kamp said...

Thanks for the Republican support. Looking forward to the drum report. I take that a band decision has been made???

brent said...

Yes, and that is YES. I am going to carry on with both bands.