Thursday, November 16, 2006

well, i am becoming a vintage guy. i shouldn't be but man it is so cool. the kit that i am playing on of Doug's, i amde the mistake of asking what he wants for it.....he said if he were to sell it, it would go for $1100. HOLY #$*% He said that for me he would do $500. So then i get thinking that everything that i have is crapola, so i remember that i was given a special edition car amp that is about the size of a surfboard that i cleaned up and will probably never use. i have seen these things go for huge money so i might put it up on eBay and buy myself a little piece of Americana. Just getting into this vintage thing, the only other old drum that i have is a 1960-1963 Ludwig 14x10 snare. i bought it too from Doug. It is nicknamed "Stinky" because when i opened it up, well, it stunk (good story, huh). When i got it i tore it apart cleaned it and reassembled it. i played it out one time, and it was okay but i never really dialed it in quite right, wrong heads, blah blah blah. So now getting all hot and heavy into vintage so i again have torn it apart. I brought in the strainer which is an original P-85 and i have straightened it, which worked quite well I might add, and torn apart the lugs last night so i can clean them out and pull all the junk out of the backing springs. i will do a little interior patch work and sanding. the bearing edges are pretty rounded but i thikn that i will leave them anyways. it is really faded so it isn't like there is a lot of value her. more just an entertainment of a goofy snare. well, thats life. B.

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