Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Practice number 1 with new band.........

it went well. this band i think has a great future. it is a 5 piece. me, drumming, Brian is the bass player, Shawn is the guitar player, Eric the vocals and the newest addition is Roy the keyboard. Roy right now is the weakest link and he really didn't seem to have a great idea of what we were playing and how they go but Shawn is a good teacher and Roy seemed to understand him so we will keep our fingers crossed. we got through the first 8 of the ten we had hoped for and i think that we will push into the next 10 next week. Last night we worked on....

Sweet Home Alabama
Are You Gonna be my Girl
Hard to Handle
7 Army Nation
Brown Eyed Girl
Play the Funky Music
Harder to Breathe

And what we didn't get too....

I want you to Want me
Beverly Hills
Rebel Yell

We have started working on Band names, but the only thing that i have heard was "Paper Taxi" and i heard crickets after that. i doubt that will be the final name. Hell, the bass player said it, who listens to the bass player. The kit picture is not a kit that i am using but a very nice Gretsch kit i found on eBay. I am using a great loaner from Doug that is a lot like this but emerald green lacquer. more later.

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