Friday, January 30, 2009

2140-113-4.96-216-21-157= Cold Stone Creamery

Hello all. i called Metro and placed my order for my Asics GT-2140. the guy on the phone remembered me quickly and that was nice because i didn't get his name last time so i was worried that i was going to have to try to convince a second person about swapping out shoes. he asked me questions and seemed a little ashamed for misdiagnosing my running style. i should hear from them next week and then i will run over there and hopefully be done with this round of shoe buying. Last night was a training night. I took off out of work a bit early and started off through the subdivision. the first 60 yards was plowed very well, then the fluffy snow came closer and then i was running on it. well, call it running. it really takes it out of you. every push off is twice as hard and when you land, you have a make sure you don't slide away. once i got through the neighborhood and on to 113 it was clear. i ran up and down that and then did a half run and back through the nasty stuff one last time. i was to do 5 but all in all i did 4.96. i hopped on the scale after my shower and clothed was 217.5 lbs which is where i was before the holidays. this morning, in the buck, i was 216 lbs. at my heaviest, i think that i was 237, which at the time didn't seem bad but now i think about that being almost 240 and it amazes me. so i am considering myself at a 21 lbs. weight loss. i kind of remember liking being at 200 best, but i really have no intention of getting there. i am not so much looking at this running thing as a weight loss, but i will not say never. if i get there, i am fine with it. i just remember high school graduating at 157 lbs and looking sick so i still worry about being undersized. i miss Cold Stone Creamery. i think i just needed to hear myself say that.

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Stacy said...

That's awesome!
You know at the time in high school I never thought you looked too skinny but when I look at pictures I see it.
I never expect to weigh 125 again...impossible without serious illness I think. Just less. I don't let the scale run can be misleading. goal is just...less. :)
Oh, and it's not that you can NEVER have Cold Stone again. You can. Once in a while doesn't hurt.
I find if I try to DENY myself something I just crave it more.

I keep rephrasing it in my head (and I think it helps). Not "I can't have this"..."I can have it...I'm just choosing not to".