Friday, February 06, 2009

New day, new shoes and a little AVON

Suuuuup! well after taking a couple days off to recover after too much running and too many days including 2 speed runs, i am feeling ready to get back out. body feels good. legs still work. and now i have happy feet with the addition of my new shoes. Layla stayed at the Nana's last night so Elizabeth, Marley and i ran over to Mishawaka and swapped out my Nimbus 10's for my new GT-2140's. Metro slid them on my feet and i instantly felt better about them. Again i think Metro but i think they are behind the curve that the Running Company has created. Of course i ended up with a small $10 credit that i chose to hang on to rather then spend it and use it later. i hopped on the treadmill at Metro and ran a short distance in the new kicks and felt very roomy in the toe box. heel was nice and snug. i wish that a size 15 was a lighter shoe but like i's a 15. it's like asking for hot ice. not happening.

we then went over to the new Macri's and had dinner. We got there and we were a little concerned because we were the only people there but then we realized that it was 5:00 so that made a little more sense. by the time we left, there was 6 or 7 tables full. the best part was we were going to get bread sticks and cheese ($4) but instead decided to go with the recommendation of our waitress and had the pretzels ans cheese. that was good. Marley however gave quite the face and did not return to the pretzel and stuck with gold fish or "go feesh" as she calls them. It was nice just the three of us. it reminded me of starting our family with Layla. it's nice to be able to give a kid 100% of your attention when you are normally splitting it and trying to do something all at the same time. Food came out quickly and we settled in to eat. Elizabeth got her favorite, the Gyro and i got my Chicken Cordon Blue. it appeared the Gyro ($8) stayed the same but my CCB ($8) had been put on a crusty bun rather than in the bread form that was at the old location, i just don't remember what it was. it seemed larger than what i remember it being before. So we ate and then headed off to Target to get some essentials and headed home. We talked about Cold Stone Creamery but held strong and went home and had water. good stuff.
I did hop on the treadmill at home and logged a quick 2.2 miles which was a mix of running and walking in the new shoes. it wasn't my finest run but i just wanted to get a little into them and see if i discovered any trouble spot. with no trouble spots i tacked that run/walk more to a crosstrain than a run but i intend on getting out a couple times this weekend. this was a low training week and i have kind of goofed it up anyways so i might as well keep goofing it up. in my head i would like to do 3.25 Saturday, 4 Sunday and then 2 Monday would get me back on my schedule. Last month i logged 49.83 miles running, another 4 walking and 2 more cycling. i am kind of impressed with my mileage considering the weather we have had. i think that i am still sitting at that 20 lbs. weight drop which is again, fine. Elizabeth on the other hand is looking amazing. Everyday i feel very lucky to have her with me
Elizabeth is training for a 2 day, 39.3 mile walk with her sister in Chicago. the first day is a 26.2 (thats a full marathon) on the first day, then they get shoved into a tent to sleep that night and then another 13.1 (thats a half marathon) the second day. i am really proud of her. This is a charity fof Breat Cancer research through Avon. Everyone in the walk has to raise $1800 or more. I will give a link and feel free to sponser her with whatever you can.
or to make a donation and go right to her page.....
thanks again.

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Stacy said...


E IS looking great!

This week I've kind of fallen off the wagon but not rolled down the hill...LOL...that's a new phrase I heard today "if I fall off the wagon I might as well roll down the hill!" HA!

Anywho...I'll be getting back on track this weekend too.