Monday, January 19, 2009

first long run in training....

Hello all, Elizabeth was out of town this weekend but i managed to ditch the kids for a bit and run over to Metro to try out the new shoes and buy something. the lady that was helping me last week was not there but a young girl helped me out and i tried on the Asics. not to shabby. i have the Nimbus 8 and these were the Nimbus 10. it was different. not in a bad way, just different. it's hard to not compare to an already broken in shoe especially when it has the same name. the other shoe was the Brooks Dyad 5. my only problem with the shoe, and i know I'm not supposed to say it, was how ugly it was. seriously ugly. i guess it is built up for heavier runners and yes, that would be me but for today, i just couldn't do it so i bought the Asics. i figure that i will do a little walking in them but i guess my only complaint is that i wish i could have tried more pairs out. i know that if i didn't wear a 15, there would be more options but i know that they know what they are doing so i have to trust them.

Sunday was my long training day. on Wednesday i did manage to get 3 miles in on the treadmill. it was long and miserable but i got it in the log book. fun or no fun, it's entered either way. Sunday i went out and got 6.4 miles in. OUTSIDE!!! it was a little brisk but you warm up and get in a groove and forget about everything. i left myself an out in my route so if i felt crappy or cold after 3 i could head home and just do 4 total but i felt really good so i got a full 6 running and the .4 was from the walking warm up and cool down. Tonight i have to get 2 miles in and i think that i might do that on the treadmill in the new shoes. as much as i don't like it, at least i can run in squeaky new shoes.

i am looking forward to the next couple weekends. this weekend the my household is heading south to Nobletucky for my nephews birthday party. Layla loves those cousins. Marley loves destroying any kind of railroad track or anything that you took 6.7 hours setting up. it will be fun to talk with my uncle too, because he is running the mini marathon also and plus they have a treadmill with.......HEADROOM!!!!!!! then the next weekend i am heading down again for a solo weekend with the boys. Rob and hopefully Grant too. not sure of the details yet but I'm working on cooking up something fun.

I keep thinking that soon i will be saying, "hey good news! i am in a band again" but at this point not much is cooking. Jeff has put up a Craigslist ad and we have gotten responses. i wish it was from closer people. Valpo to Michigan and down to Plymouth. some good sounding prospects. i guess the drive is on them, it just makes it that much harder though. oh well. maybe soon. we'll see.

Well, that should be it for now. Ta ta

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