Monday, January 28, 2008

Weekend ends, work week begins....

39% Hey, whats shakin'? hope everyone had a phenomenal weekend. i think that i misspelled that but i refuse to use the spell check because the last time i did that, it zapped my big long post and i had to type it again. FORGET IT BLOGGER! YOU CAN'T SUCKER ME AGAIN. I WILL JUST LOOK A LITTLE UNEJIKATED INSTAEAD. NOW WHO'S THE DUMMY! any ways, i was on Stacy Lastinger blog and saw her post about eating people and a link so i am proud to say that i am safer to be with than she is. either way, kudos to her for finding such a valuable website. okay, i have something to admit. i couldn't remember how to spell "valuable" so i spell checked. it worked and it turns out i spelled "phenomenal" correctly, so disregard most of the early bloggage. where was I.... dad was out of town so we saw my lovely shrinking mother this weekend. she has lost over 50 lbs. YEAH MOM. well done. lose weight AND get mentioned in my blog. wow. big day for you. keep it up. Elizabeth and Layla got hairs cuts this weekend and mom went to pick up Layla after she was done. i went over to Doug's with Marley for a bit who is in the middle of a double ear infection and slicing through 3 teeth, so she's a ball of joy to be around. yet...she is still darn cute. we didn't stay at Doug's long but long enough for him to send me home with a ride cymbal that 2 months ago he loved. i love the guy but he cracks me up because he turns product SO fast. he loves it BOOM it's out the door. cymbals, kits, snares, doesn't matter. i still have the same kit my parents bought me for my 16th birthday. i do have birthday coming in a month from today, number 31. that means 15 years of drumming experience. and dad thought that i wouldn't stick to it. so after i left Doug's i rejoined the ladies at moms house. ate Wendy's (not mom) and ended up putting up the easiest window covering of all time. 2 screws out, 2 screws in and i was done. no new holes, just dreamy. then the next day i ended up putting up one of those fancy curved shower curtain rods. i got it free as a demo here at work and it sat on my floor for about 2 months (or more) so i finally just took it. Moen, probably a $35 value, priceless. installed that. 6 screws and you should feel the spaciousness. it's delightful. we have a very small bathroom upstairs and you just couldn't do anything to move it around and make it better. this was a good cheap addition. highly recommended. also this weekend, we got word that our very good friends the McDowell's, well Stacy had an experience rolling her Envoy in Hammond. it was the fault of a semi that urged her off the road and sent her upside down in a ditch. the semi just took off. Stacy is pregnant so we were overly concerned but doing fine. Apparently the state trooper showed no interest in trying to hunt down the semi. thank you Mr. Trooper. luckily everyone is doing fine. i just hope that someday the semi driver gets his justice. then i got to work toady to hear that Casey of the owners son's who has been driving for a month now rolled his Blazer. my understanding is that he is also fine. Come on summer. we need safer roads. one last thing, man, this spell check works really well. AWESMOE!!!!

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