Thursday, January 03, 2008

The sounds of the holiday's

No not Christmas songs! i recieved a good amount of tunes for Christmas. I got the new Killer's CD "Sawdust". No mom, this is not devil music. this is a cd of "B-sides". B-sides are song written during a regular cd's production and recording but then for some reason they decided to pull the song for some resaon. these CD's are frequently bad for the obvious reason that the band obviously didn't like it either so it can be a cd with a collection of horrid songs. this happens to be a rather good CD. The Killer's are becoming one of my most listened to bands. I also got the RE-release of the Foo Fighters "The Colour and the Shape" i have the original but they rereleased the album with an extra 5 songs. i like the new songs. i don't know what it really added to the original album but i would have ended up buying it anyways. either way it is a great album. i also recieved the Fray's album. i have heard 2 of their songs on the radio that were played over and over. i do like the album. it is one that all the songs have a very similar feel, tempo and most everything about each song could have been from the song before, YET i still like it. they use a piano as a main instrument so it's not your run of the mill band. they still have a unique sound and that is thier biggest benifit.

As far as movie's i recieved Ray. great movie, especially when it comes with the disc. i look forward to viewing that again. i also got Blow starring Johnny Depp and Pee Wee Herman. it is a movie based on a true story about Pablo Escabar and the people that brought his cocaine into the united states in the late 70's - early 80's. very good movie with lots of extra info. i also got "Catch Me if you can" starring the dreamy Leonardo with Tom Hanks. Another movie based on a true story about a guy with a check fraud problem and a little fibbing issue. it is interesting to watch Blow and Catch Me and see the similarities between the two movies and how they grew up and got there start. my one complaint about this last movie (now get ready, this is a dumb complaint) is the name! to me the cover art and the name seem very soft and the name seems very much like a bad high school movie about a girl who loved a guy. it's not a action flick and the movie is great, but if i saw this cover and heard the name, i never would have gone to the theater to see it. this is a minor point, because it is a great movie, but if i wouldn't have caught it long ago on a free movie weekend, i never would have looked at it. i can recommend any of these items. enjoy

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